How to block web pages in Google Chrome

Blocking web pages at certain times of the day is necessary at some times, for example, during business hours. Thanks to this, productivity is improved by blocking distracting elements such as social networks and video or news portals.

It is another of the many products, tools and services that Google offers , leaving it higher every day in the top of the best web browsers of 2020.

It is well known that on the internet everything is at hand, there people are informed, learn and are distracted. However, at certain times, such as when working or studying, it is necessary to concentrate fully on the activity that is being carried out.

This can be uphill if you have distracting items that are so easily accessible. A viable option to avoid this type of situation, increase productivity and improve the use of time is by blocking web pages at certain times of the day.

Extensions to block web pages in Google Chrome

Easily a little glance at a social network can turn into hours, since it is very easy to lose track of time on these web pages.

Knowing this, the developers created extensions for browsers that avoid this type of situation. Here we will mention extensions that were created with a single purpose, increase productivity and avoid wasting time unnecessarily on the web.


The first extension that will be discussed is Deprocrastination. This tool was designed to block web pages in Google Chrome as simple as taking a screenshot of a web page in Google Chrome at certain times of the day.


This action can be carried out by the user in a completely personalized way. Thus avoiding the portals that are temptation for himself and being able to edit for each user who works on the pc.

Deprocrastination is used for any web portal that you want to block, not only for social networks. Thus, video streaming websites, such as YouTube, can also be blocked for as long as necessary.

Also, by installing and accessing the extension you can start using it immediately. In addition, the first time it is used, the application activates an assistant that will teach you how to use it.

The intention of this is to facilitate the use and understanding of the system. It also allows you to create your own user in order to receive points and bonuses for each goal achieved.

When installing the Chrome extension, its icon will be visible on the side of the browser’s search bar. This guarantees easy access to make the modifications that are deemed pertinent.

The period of time in which the pages are blocked is fully customizable. In this way you can configure it according to the time you need, neither more nor less.


It is another extension that allows you to block web pages in Google Chrome for a certain time. You get it from the Chrome Web Store. Like the previous one, when you download it, its icon will appear next to the browser’s search bar.


Clicking there will access the configuration, where you can modify a series of settings, including the amount of time allowed to use a website.

Also, one of the characteristics of this extension is that in addition to being able to edit the amount of time in which a web portal can be used, it is possible to choose the days on which the restrictions are applied. As well as the start and end time of the lock.

The number of options to configure the allowed web pages is very wide. From the amount of time in which a web page can be used, completely block pages, make a list of allowed pages, among others.

Both are free extensions, designed and created to block web pages in Google Chrome and thus avoid procrastination and make the most of working hours.


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