How can I mine Bitcoins with my PC

To mine Bitcoins with your PC in an easier and faster way, you will have to download an application that will allow you to mine as many times as necessary anonymously, without impairing the performance of your PC.

Bitcoin has been present since 2009 , it is a cryptocurrency that allows you to make purchases and sales online, it is a totally decentralized tool, it does not have a single owner where all transactions are secure.

Advantages of mining Bitcoins from the PC

  • It is the most used cryptocurrency in the world , so by being able to use it on your PC, you can produce money from your home.
  • You do not have to offer personal data , it does not mean that by having it on your PC you will have to save some data and others, it is totally anonymous, generating trust in customers and users.
  • You do not have to fear being a victim of a scam because your bitcoin regardless of whether it is on your PC and has access to the space where most of your information is, you do not have access to your private information.
  • You can forget about the high fees when making your transfers , as it does not have intermediaries you can rest easy.
  • If for any reason you stop mining Bitcoins from your PC, the program is not designed to freeze your account.

Disadvantages of mining Bitcoins from the PC

  • If you want to convert your Bitcoins to another currency, you will have to pay a commission.
  • As much as you have a lot of control over all the transactions that are made from your PC, you must bear in mind that the value of Bitcoins is very unstable.
  • Despite the fact that you have the advantage of not having to give your own data, or attach your data, for example to a google account, to have your data up to date (password and others) this generates a little mistrust, because you will never know specifically with whom you do the transactions.
  • If for some reason your PC gets damaged, not speaking of the operating system, but the hard drive stops working, you automatically lose all the bitcoins that you previously mined.
  • You really don’t know for sure if they use surveillance methods in your operations.

Steps to mine Bitcoins with my PC in the easiest and fastest way

Now, taking into account the aforementioned, we will show you how you can mine Bitcoins in the easiest and fastest way from the comfort of your home.

The first thing you should do is download Crypto Tab on your PC . Once downloaded, you must install it, the procedure is short and then you will notice that a bar will appear in which you will see how the program is loading, do not despair, it lasts only a few minutes.

You close your browser, the Crypto Tab program will open on your PC. You will get a welcome and you must click next and so on with the information that it shows you, which is basically the information of the explanation of what the program is.

When you see in those options set the browser, what you will do is that, set the browser with which you want to work . Then you must log in with your email.

You will get a window to synchronize, this does not matter if you choose to click to synchronize or not, because this option does not change anything. You will automatically be in the program menu.

The speed of the miner is modified to your liking . To withdraw money, you must go to the right in the bars that are in the corner, then you click to withdraw BTC.
You will get another tab, where you will place; your bitcoin address you enter the amount of bitcoins.

You click to withdraw, and you can now enjoy your bitcoins. Also, the active cloud boost option is available , another window will open, you click on activate cloud boots. There you can buy the boots you want, this works as an aid to have bitcoins, they mine automatically, the only thing is that to obtain this advantage you must pay.

Finally, if you carry out these steps you will surely get improvements in your economy, you will get more production in your life and especially the use you give to your PC.


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