How to insert Javascript in WordPress?

The use of blogs or web pages to write content is becoming more and more popular and frequent . Many people use platforms of this type to write about work, personal interests, make opinion forums and even to write about their lives.

Most of these systems focused on content creation, in addition to allowing you to enter text and write what you want, they also allow you to insert images and videos which gives you a more complete experience.

There are many programs for this. Like Blogger, , Wix, Site123, Weeby, among others. But in this article we will talk specifically about one: WordPress, one of the main websites when it comes to blogging and content management. One of the most complete since you can install templates or themes , in addition, you will also learn to put or insert Javascript correctly in WordPress.

Let’s first know a little more about what WordPress is , if you still don’t know it and we will also see what Javascript consists of and what relationship it has with WordPress and web design.

What is WordPress?


As we mentioned before, it is a website focused mainly on creating web pages. At first it gained popularity in the creation of blogs but with the passage of time it has positioned itself as one of the main tools for the creation of commercial web pages.

One of the biggest advantages of this web developer is that it is designed so that anyone without experience can use it. Its design and operation are quite simple so you don’t need to know much to start using it.

In the past, creating a web page was a tedious and complicated task. In fact, it was necessary to know programming so not just anyone could do it.

However, WordPress and other similar softwares have made it possible for any user to create content with a visual interface, quickly and easily and without the need for programming knowledge, all this is also made much easier by installing the visual composer plugin . So actually, anyone who wants to create a blog or website can do so.

What is Javascript?

If you’ve never heard of Javascript, you might be wondering what this has to do with WordPress. Well the first thing you have to know is that Javascript is a programming language that is usually used to create dynamic web pages.

When we talk about dynamic web pages, we refer to those that incorporate effects such as text that appears and disappears, animations or other actions that are controlled with buttons.

Almost all browsers have the option to activate the use of Javascript , so you will not have problems when using it in your favorite browser .

Javascript makes it possible for a simple, ordinary page to be transformed into a really attractive one that attracts the largest number of users. Besides this, its use is not complicated and it is worth trying.

So for your website to look better and have attractive effects and animations, you need to include Javascript in WordPress . How to insert Javascript and really do it the right way? In the next block you will learn how.

How to insert Javascript in WordPress?


To start using Javascript in WordPress in the right way, you just have to follow the steps that you will see below.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is make sure that the template you are using has Javascript embedding functionality built in.

You do this by going to the theme options and checking that at the end there is a section to insert Scripts. You can also go to the option “Entries”, then “All entries” and make sure there is a section to enter Scripts.

Step 2

You can also insert them through a plugin. To do this you must install it and you will find it in the “Tools” menu. Once there you will find several options and sections, including inserting Scripts.

And if you go to the “All entries” option again, you will see that one of the sections will be the plugin you have installed and you can also add or insert scripts. It should be noted that custom buttons can also be added to an entry if plugins

In these two simple ways you can put Javascript in your WordPress to turn your website into an attractive and striking site


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