How are things on the Chinese space station?

Away from the spotlight, the activity of the three astronauts on board the Chinese space station continues: a few days ago the first activity outside the station.

While the exploration of the Chinese rover on Mars continues on a regular basis, the activities of the three Chinese astronauts (as Chinese astronauts are called) follow one another according to schedule also aboard the Chinese space station Tiangong.

The work, in particular, continues inside the station after the three had completed the first spacewalk on Sunday 5 July. To temporarily abandon the Chinese space outpost were Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo, while Nie Haisheng, commander of the mission, remained inside the orbiting station to assist the two colleagues: his task was to manipulate the robotic arm that helped the two astronauts in their extravehicular arrivals.


SPECIAL SUIT. The two astronauts left the station used new generation space suits for extravehicular activity, called “Feitian”, which means “flying in space”. Each suit appears to cost around $ 4.4 million. During the walk, the two installed a “footrest” for future extravehicular work, placed a work platform on the mechanical arm and a panoramic camera to monitor the situation outside the space station. The spacewalk mission lasted about seven hours.

“More difficult and complex extravehicular tasks await them now,” said Liu Xiangyan, deputy chief engineer of the space station system. “But I believe that, through the practice and experience accumulated during the first one, the astronauts will complete the next job as well as possible.” The three will inhabit the central module called Tianhe (Harmony of the skies) until mid-September before returning to Earth.


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