How to solve in Play Station 5 the error CE-108863-6 with its ports?

When I read the word Play Station it reminds me of when my brother was little, he loved playing with this device that I had given him so much, that there came a time when due to his great fever for playing on it, I decided that he shouldn’t have it anymore.

How to Solve Error CE-108863-6 with its Ports in Play Station 5?

At that time, he had the Play Station 2, and look now you can even connect it to the internet, to do so you just have to create an account . During this time, I realize that he was not the only one who enjoyed playing on these electronic devices, because seeing how much this device has evolved , I was surprised.

We already have the Play Station 5, gentlemen, how magnificent! And we thank Sony company for bringing it to the market recently. This has caused an emotion in its fans, like my brother, who have even posted comments on the networks about the excellent experience they have had with this PlayStation 5.

However, they have also shared some inconveniences they have had with their new and evolved device, and such is the case of the CE-108863-6 error with its ports. For this reason, in this article we bring you the answer to ‘Why this error appears and its solution’. So we invite you to follow this guide.

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  1. Why do I get error CE-108863-6 on Play Station 5 consoles?
  2. What can you do to fix error CE-108863-6 on your PS5?
    1. Check that your PSN servers are working
    2. Move your router closer to the PS5
    3. Open TCP (80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480) and UDP (3478, 3479,49152~65535) ports
    4. Create your own IP address

Why do I get error CE-108863-6 on Play Station 5 consoles?

Although until now we have guides that help us to give our Play Station 5 a good job and thus be able to have everything prepared in advance to start playing, we also have information that allows us to know ‘Why the CE- error appears. 108863-6 on Play Station 5’ consoles. For this reason, we invite you to continue reading so that you can see one by one of the reasons for its appearance.

The first reason why ‘error CE-108863-6’ should be appearing could be that sometimes the procedure of your PS5 could have had an erroneous installation, another reason is that perhaps you did not pay attention to what it was. you have successfully completed your update . It could also be having internet connection failures, among other reasons. For these reasons, it is that the Sony company has arranged in view of its public , a group of possible errors.

Said errors can or could be presented to you at any time. And the idea is that you identify the problem in time and you can find the solution in the Play Station 5 consoles. In the event that you have not yet received any errors, it is because your device is working correctly, but this does not mean , that at some point it causes a failure and you get any type of error, so we should be prepared, but not worried.

What can you do to fix error CE-108863-6 on your PS5?

Most of us know that lately the boom in terms of games is precisely those of an online nature . There is one in particular that is more than traditional and that is also online but ‘story mode that you can play alone’. But as we already know, most of the kids nowadays like to have contact with other people and not only with the Play Station 5 , even they like to interact with players from other countries. In this way, they not only play with them, but also have a conversation at the time they are playing.

For this, it is required to have the PS5 port open continuously, since in this way the online game will circulate without any inconvenience. For this reason, in this article we bring you ‘what you can do to solve the error CE-108863-6 on your PS5’ through the following methods: ‘Check that your PSN servers are working, Move your router closer to the PS5, Open ‘TCP (80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480) and UDP (3478, 3479,49152~65535) ports and finally, Create your own IP address’. Below we will detail them one by one.

Check that your PSN servers are working

Many times the ‘error CE-108863-6 appears on Play Station 5 consoles’ is because your PSN servers are not working. This error has caused many players to wonder if it is a problem with the internal connection or simply something global. Therefore, you have to check that your PSN servers are working and in this part we will explain how to do it:


The first thing you should do is enter the official page . com , so that you can see the complete status of the network assistance and the services attached to it. At this point, you will be able to find out if all the services have fallen or if it is simply a specific problem. You could also go to other pages in the event that you cannot enter their official page and thus see related cases for their possible solution.

In the same way, it is most likely that if you manage to enter the official page of the Sony company where it will undoubtedly notify you of the status of your assistance. So that you can know if everything is fine with your PSN servers on the PlayStation Network page, everything will appear in green. And if the network is down, all the services will come out with a red emblem, in this way you will find out that this platform is the one that is issuing the problem.

Likewise, when the service failure is confirmed, the website will show you a Details icon, where you can enter and thus find out exactly what is happening. If you have a crash in your PSN server and as we mentioned before, everything is in red, what you are going to do is visit the page frequently so that you can be informed of the moment or time of solution for its subsequent operation.

Also, if it is your preference, we will give you some indications so that you can see if you can solve the problem with your PSN servers so that they can work for you: First, proceed to log out of PSN and then log back in promptly . Also restart your router and then re-establish the PS5 network, enter the Google DNS and finally redo the database.

Move your router closer to the PS5

Another reason why you might get ‘error CE-108863-6 on your PS5’ is because you are experiencing connection failures, and this could be because your router is located a long distance from the PS5 . So if that’s the case, you don’t need to be doing some math or wave transmission studies to figure out where to put your router so you can spread resolution and coverage throughout your home.

That said, the logical and simple solution is that if it is placed in a place far from the PS5, what you have to do is bring it closer. It should be noted that when there is only one router in a house where all the devices of the members of the house depend on it, the most recommended thing for the enjoyment of all in terms of the Internet connection is that it be placed in the middle of the house , so the waves will spread uniformly around that midpoint.

However, if the house has other floors, it is best to install your router vertically, and also on the intermediate floor to make sure that the signal will reach equally on all floors. As we have already seen, the router should nobly be located at the same level as the devices that are linked to it to obtain an effective connection. As advice, never think of placing the router on the ceiling or placing it hidden on the floor, it is best to place it at the level of a table.

Open TCP (80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480) and UDP (3478, 3479,4915265535) ports

This part is super simple because there is a method that can open any port for you. This means that the method that will be detailed below will work for you to open ‘TCP ports (80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480), but also to open UDP ports (3478, 3479,49152~ 65535) ‘, so we invite you to follow this guide: The first thing you should do is enter the IP address of your router in your internet browser, then enter the access data.

Continually, locate the main menu, choose the option titled Ports , when you are there, you must begin to fill in the empty fields. Having finished completing them, proceed to save the configuration, when doing so you will get a command that allows you to activate the new choice, click it and that’s it, you have already opened the TCP ports (80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480) and UDP ( 3478, 3479,49152~65535) to fix error CE-108863-6 on your PS5′.

Create your own IP address

The last option to solve ‘CE-108863-6 error on your PS5 is by creating your own IP address’ that will allow you to inspect the server with the help of a monitoring strategy. It should be noted that to establish your own IP address to a currently created server, it is mandatory to do so at the time of said IP address creation. If you don’t set the IP quickly, it will only be useful ‘for a newly created server’.

In addition to that, it is impossible to set an IP address to a server already created in advance. Having said all this, let’s give you the steps so that you can ‘Create your own IP address’: First click on the Menu on the left side, choose the Network option, other selections will slide, choose the one that says public IP, then click Create. At this point, choose whether you want to create an IPv4 address or an IPv6 address, as this allows you to set the new address.

However, in case you do not want to set the IP address, proceed to choose the Unassigned option. In this situation, the IP address will remain independent and then you will be able to set it to a server whenever you want. If you optionally want to enter a reverse DNS , enter the item titled Advanced configuration and then proceed to click on the Show option. Next, enter the Reverse DNS you want and click on the Create option.

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