How to remove CE-108863-6 errors from your PS5?

All things in the world of technology, it is growing much more every time; and in the case of video game companies and equipment for them as well. For this reason, better equipment is expected and the last one released was the PS5 by Sony at the end of 2020, and although it is a sensation, the console has presented flaws.

How to Solve the Port Error CE-108863-6 – Connection Error on your PS5

Among all the faults we find common problems such as connection errors or port errors on the equipment. One of these port errors reported is CE-108863-6; Therefore, here we will show you how to solve this port error on your PS5 that disables the connection.

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  1. What is causing the error CE-108863-6 to appear on your PS5?
  2. How can you remove CE-108863-6 errors from your PS5?
    1. Check the operation of the PSN
    2. Reduce the distance between your PS5 and your router
    3. Open TCP (80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480) and UDP (3478, 3479,4915265535) ports
    4. Customize your IP address

What is causing the error CE-108863-6 to appear on your PS5?

As on any computer, on the PS5 there are also many errors when copying a game or starting the activity on the console. In the case of the error we are talking about, CE-108863-6, the reason why it occurs is due to some unexpected connection failure , which may be momentary.

Of course, this is a problem that has not been presented to just one person , rather, it occurs very often and has a solution.

How can you remove CE-108863-6 errors from your PS5?

Next, we will show you some guidelines that you can take into account when checking your PS5 to solve the problem with the error that has been presented to you.

Check the operation of the PSN

First of all, something you should check is the operation of the PlayStation Network, also known as the PNS, that is, the connection you have within the platform. To perform this check, you must go to the main screen of your PS5 to go to ‘Settings’ in the upper right part of the screen.

By selecting the gear icon, you will see all the available settings; to continue, press the ‘Network’ option, and then look for ‘View PlayStation Network status’ . Thus, the information that tells you what connection you have on the network will be opened from the browser; to finish you just cancel the operation.

If you see there that your connection is fine, then it is probably due to a drop in the wireless connection you are connected to, a very common problem.

Reduce the distance between your PS5 and your router

Also, many times the problem is due to the fact that the distance your PS5 is located from the router is very long, and the signal is very low. Remember that these types of consoles, the more updates and improvements they have, the greater the stable Internet connection they need.

Open TCP (80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480) and UDP (3478, 3479,4915265535) ports

When the connection of your PNS fails and presents an error like this, it is sometimes due to a problem with a blocking of the TCP and UDP ports . These are the ports that the PlayStation company recommends opening from the configuration of the router that you have at home and it is not complicated to do so.

To do this, go to the available configurations that the router has by accessing it from the browser with your username and password. In certain router models you must access the NAT section to be able to make this adjustment and open the ports, if you cannot do it yourself, seek help from your provider.

Customize your IP address

For many gamers, this is not such a big problem to worry about, and they generally use the IP address designated by the system to play the game without errors. However, when submitting a failure, you could configure and customize the IP address, and turn it into a fixed or static IP without presenting problems.

To customize it on your PS5, you must go to ‘Settings’, to access ‘Network’ and then ‘Set up Internet connection’ and select ‘Custom’. In that option, switch to ‘Manual’ to put an IP address like 192.168.0. and that the last 3 numbers are between 100 and 254.

Also change Primary DNS to and Secondary DNS to, as well as ‘Subnet Mask’ to and ‘Default Gateway’ to


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