6 good reasons to play video games

From the legendary Pac-Man ball that hypnotized the boys of the Eighties to the futuristic augmented reality consoles of today, video games have entered the ranks of the most loved pastimes by adults and children, but are still considered uneducational and harmful , especially for teenagers. . To overturn this cliché, however, science has come to the rescue: distracting yourself (without exaggerating!) In the company of our favorite video games can in fact be a cure-all. Here because.

good reasons to play video games

1 – SMALL STRESS RELIEVERS. According to research published in the Journal of cyber therapy and rehabilitation , casual games , characterized by simple and intuitive rules (such as the famous Tetris) can be a great way to relax and improve personal mood, forgetting the daily grind.


BehaviorVideogames: why do children and adolescents struggle to interrupt a game?


2 – PROBLEM SOLVING. Strategic video games can help us in the so-called problem solving : the American Psychological Association has in fact shown that adolescents obsessed  with these categories of games solved complex real situations better, also managing to obtain better school grades.

3 – FASTER DECISIONS. In addition to stimulating adrenaline, action video games improve the readiness to make quick decisions, at least according to the University of Rochester (USA), which found that action game players , such as Call of duty , have a process decision making up to 25% faster than the average.

4 – THEY HELP SOCIALIZE. Despite the image of the classic shy and isolated nerd , a study published by the Society for Research in Child Development (USA) suggests that video games would help young people to socialize, thanks to large virtual communities and the fact that more than 70% of them play together. , developing the attitude of cooperation.

5 – YOU LEARN BY PLAYING. It is not said that videogames are necessarily uneducational: some of them can stimulate curiosity, such as the saga of the famous Assassin’s Creed , whose accurate setting allows you to learn more about different historical eras.

6 – MOVEMENT. Finding yourself in front of a console does not always mean being condemned to a sedentary lifestyle: a research by Louisiana State University (USA) has revealed that video games with full body movements (such as Wii Fit ), have been useful for allowing overweight children to lose weight, making them inclined to perform motor activities.


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