How Android Auto Works

An application that was born, without a doubt, to provide security for up-to-date drivers, people who do not want to put their integrity or theirs at risk when using their phone while driving.

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  1. What is the Android Auto application?
  2. What are the minimum requirements to download this app?
  3. How can I use it correctly in a car that already has it pre-installed?
  4. Procedure to install it in cars that do not have it
  5. What are the best applications to include in the interface of your Android Auto?
    1. Google maps
    2. Waze
    3. Spotify
    4. Audible

What is the Android Auto application?

The application is a tool designed for the safety of the driver, in addition to its versatility to provide a more comfortable experience when driving and doing some other things at the same time, without putting your safety or that of your companions at risk.

This application is able to make a synergy with the Google assistant or other applications to show through the screen of your car, map applications, music and even answer phone calls .

It should be noted that this application through its updates has created an interface similar to that of your smartphone so that the experience is similar to using your phone, but through the screen of your car.

We can mention that this application allows you to enjoy answering calls by voice command , as well as answering text messages.

Whether you want to listen to music, an audiobook or the news, this application can allow you to do it, without having to use your hands for it , which provides security and comfort.

It is important to mention that your Android device can be connected via a USB cable or wirelessly, but it will depend on your car .

What are the minimum requirements to download this app?

The minimum acceptable requirement for Android Auto is Android 5.0 or higher when using a USB connection.

On the other hand, if your car supports wireless connections, the version of your phone must be Android 8.0 or higher  for the connection to be compatible.

Another issue to take into account is where you live, since there are countries where this application is not available .

How can I use it correctly in a car that already has it pre-installed?

If the application is already pre-installed, you just have to connect your smartphone to your car either through a USB cable or by wireless connection and press on the screen of your car where it says start.

Follow the instructions and you will be able to enjoy the different functions while driving safely and respecting vehicular traffic laws.

Procedure to install it in cars that do not have it

The first thing to do to install this application is to verify that your car is compatible with Android, since not all cars support this software.

Second, you must take into account the version of Android that you have on your smart device, since the type of connection you can use for this app will depend on it, that is, wireless or USB.

Third, once you have checked the above requirements, you must download the Android auto application in case you do not have it on your phone. Then you are going to connect your cell phone to your vehicle and launch the application from the car screen .

Finally, you must follow the instructions provided by the application , which will be displayed on the screen. So you can enjoy the advantages that this app offers you while you drive.

What are the best applications to include in the interface of your Android Auto?

Currently, there is a wide variety of applications designed to interact with the Android auto interface. Next, we will comment on the most popular ones :

Google maps

To know relevant information about the route you want to follow, the Google Maps application is incredible, since its pleasant and simple interface can provide you with details by voice command.

It is one of the most popular, due to its convenience at the moment of having no idea of ​​how to get to a place or to know the traffic situation in real time, estimated time of arrival and even lane indications.


This is an application similar to Google Maps , but with more elegant details and settings , although simple to provide an attractive experience.

This works simply by opening the application and selecting the destination you want to reach, you can save the destinations in favorites and thus simplify the search at the next opportunity.


This application aimed at those people who like to listen to music while driving. It is a perfect option if you want to play your favorite music , while you are traveling or just to work. This is very easy to use , just connect your phone to the car, access the application and search for your favorite music.


Audible is a very interesting application that allows you to play books, if you are a lover of reading books or in this case listening to them. This application will help you a lot , since you will be able to listen to any book that is of interest to you while driving to your destination.

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