Walkthrough My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge

Walkthrough tips for all levels of the dynamic arcade game My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge

My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge is a mobile platformer in which you travel to different locations, fight enemies and try to help Pedro the banana save his family.

Level 0

At the initial stage, you will be taught the basic controls. The first thing to look out for is that you cannot walk or run. Instead, jumping is used to move. Imagine that the left circle is a kind of slingshot. By pulling it in one direction, and then releasing it, you will make the hero jump in the opposite direction. The tighter the tension, the more powerful the jump will be. However, all this is well telegraphed due to the dotted yellow line. Also, by swiping your finger from right to left, diagonally from bottom to top, you will roll to the right side, and vice versa. The right and left click circles are used to fire the weapon. Jump on a few ledges, shoot the wooden box and destroy the first enemies.

Level 1

Move through the premises and kill enemies. There is nothing new here.

Level 2

Kill two enemies. You can and should shoot through the bars. Then push off from it to jump over to the other side.

Level 3

Break the glass, which will be located both on the sides and in the floor.

Level 4

Nothing complicated and new.

Level 5

Gas cans will appear here. Shoot them (click specifically on the canisters) to destroy obstacles and several opponents with an explosion.

Level 6

Keep killing enemies. Blow up the first canister to break through the wall and find your way further. As far as I understood, canisters cannot damage or kill the protagonist. smash the box at the top so that the canister falls onto the cracked floor. Do the same with the three crates, above which there is another canister. Blow up the next floor. Remember that opponents kill you with one hit, so you need to shoot them as quickly as possible.

Level 7

A barbed wire will appear, which you need to bend around. To do this, push off the walls. Keep shooting the canisters. To get into some of them, you need to jump over the barbed wire and shoot at the same time. Remember that the long yellow arrow indicates the distance you will dash. At the very end, you need to jump onto the wall under the barbed wire on the right and fly off to the left.

Level 8

At the end of the location, shoot the canisters located behind the wall and grate, falling from top to bottom.

Level 9

The first ultrasounds will appear here. Use submachine guns in difficult situations and remember that the ammunition in the secondary weapon is always limited. The current ammo count can be seen in the lower left corner of the screen.

Level 10

Continue playing the game. At this level, ropes will appear, along which you can roll down. Remember that you can always jump down or up from the cable using the finger tension on the left circle. If the hero can grab onto the rope, a yellow dot appears at the end of the yellow dashed line.

Level 11

First, destroy all the boxes to find Billy, Pedro’s son.

Level 12

After that, you will need to dodge obstacles on your motorcycle. In addition, the motorcycle can bounce, so use this function more actively.

Level 13

At some points in the location, you will need to roll on a cart. Be attentive and ready to attack enemies.

Level 14

Walk down and to the right, jump up and blow up the canister, and then kill the two enemies that appeared from behind the doors. In general, throughout the entire level there will be many doors through which opponents appear, so stay vigilant and remember that you can shoot even if you are hanging on the wall. At the end of the location, you need to break several glass walls located under the ceiling.

Level 15

Move on a skateboard. If you lose your board, you can always jump on it. But in general it is optional.

Level 16

Go down the elevator and shoot enemies. Get off the second elevator and wait for it to go up, and jump down yourself. Jump the three lifts up, not too long and not letting them go lower. Go down the far elevator and shoot the canister behind the bars. This will pave your way further. Keep going down until you find a green door.

Level 17

Pick up a shotgun that’s just gorgeous at close range. Closer to the green door, first destroy the box on which the canister is located. Go down the elevator, get off it and jump down below. Jump to the right wall to hit the canister and make your way to the exit.

Level 18

Lower the lift to raise the plate and open the way further. Then jump up from it. Slightly lower the lift and jump onto the raised plate to the right, and from it – even higher to the enemy. Lift up the next plate with the hoist. Jump over the wire hole and quickly jump onto this slab to push off and fly higher. Roll down the cable and jump from it to the wall to the left, and then to the lift. After lowering it, jump onto the cable and move to the enemy at the exit.

Level 19

Swing on a rope with a hook and jump to the right, killing enemies. Jump below and use another cable to swing and punch through the glass wall on the left. Roll further on the rope and jump along the short ropes. Go around the wire as you go down. Shoot the enemies directly from the walls.

Level 20

Shoot the hanging sign on the right, behind the bars, to make the bullets ricocheted, smash the box and blow up the canister. When you stand on the platform, which begins to descend, shoot the hanging sign again so that the bullets ricocheted to kill the enemies and blow up the next canister. Skate to the right, jump higher and move left. Jump up and shoot the hanging sign to get into the fuel can.

Level 21

Carefully get to the trash can, move it to the right and go upstairs. Repeat the steps with the second container, jump higher and shoot at the canisters behind the bars.

Level 22

Shoot the frying pan to toss it up, then repeat the steps, causing the bullets to ricochet, kill the enemy, and blow up the canister. Repeat with another frying pan to kill enemies from above (optional). Shoot the hanging sign to move the trash can with bullets to the left. Climb higher, hang on the cable and shoot into the frying pan in order to pre-kill all the enemies on the bottom left and right.

Level 23

At this level, you need to break all the boxes as quickly as possible in order to find your daughter.

Level 24

And then a motorbike section awaits you.

Level 25

Follow the right and up, pushing off the walls. Pick up the machine gun and roll on the cable through the glass. Shoot the opponents, then break almost all the boxes and blow up the canister that remains on the last one. Roll to the right, but literally in the very first room, shoot left and up, at the suspended metal sign. Bullets will ricochet into the pan, and from it – into opponents. The beauty!

Level 26

Quite a simple level. Try to roll on the railing as often as possible.

Level 27

Jump down and shoot the red button behind the bars on the left. Roll to the right and shoot the same button to open the next door. Jump up to the locked passage and shoot the third button. Get ready to kill the enemy on the right. Shoot the same button again to open the next door. As you roll along the cable, shoot the red button from below. Shoot through the pipes at the button, jump to it, shoot again, jump onto the pipes, and from them into the passage above. Do the same with the next set of pipes. Go down below, kill the enemy and shoot the button behind the bars above. Go through the first removed pipes and shoot into the pan so that the bullets ricocheted into that very button.

Level 28

Move along the conveyor, mainly using rolls. Shoot the button and climb higher. Jump up the small conveyor belts. And you need to push off immediately upon landing. At the very top, you need to jump to the grate and get into the red button.

Level 29

Go downstairs, each time shooting at the red button. Do the same to go up the adjacent corridor. You just need to jump up and shoot at the red button, creating a floor underneath. And the same button is used to open the door. Shoot the button on the right, push off the platform that appears and shoot the button on the left so that the next one appears. Etc. then you need to activate four buttons located in different places in order to remove the platforms from the path and jump down to the exit.

Level 30

Jump onto a skateboard, roll along the railing and kill enemies. You will need to jump on different levels of the railing.

Level 31

Pick up the rocket launcher and blow up the wall blocking the way. Shoot obliquely in an area with enemies and many rickety walls to destroy multiple cells at once. In the future, everything is quite simple.

Level 32

Shoot the balloon through the grate from above, do the same with the next balloon. Shoot the frying pan to make it jump up and repeat the shots so that the bullets ricocheted into the tank. Shoot the canister to remove the wall near the button, and hit the button itself. Swing and shoot the balloon.

Level 33

Stand on the balloon, shoot at it and jump over the grate until it explodes. Go downstairs, get to the balloon. Blow up the wall with the first shot, and the second time stand on the balcony and fly to the right on it. Climb higher to find the next rack with cylinders. Blow up the wall with the first balloon, then stand on top and fly to the left on the balloon. He will break through the far wall. Get to the distant tank, blow up the wall and fly to the right. Climb higher by flying diagonally on balloons.

Level 34

Stand on the green platform and after loading you will fall down. Repeat these steps for each new green platform. Jump on platforms until they disappear. At the end there will be several platforms above the thorns. First, constantly roll over and kill enemies coming through the doors. Then shoot the box at the side at the top until they disappear. So you can get to the green door.

Level 35

Destroy the boxes until you fall down.

Level 36

Next, a level with a motorcycle will begin. Move along the width of the road, avoiding the mines thrown by the truck. As soon as the back door opens, kill the enemy to complete the game.

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