Household cleaner

Household cleaner. A household cleaner is a substance that is used to clean different surfaces of a home.


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  • 1 Utility
  • 2 Its effective power
  • 3 Surfactants
  • 4 The soap
  • 5 Sources


Household cleaners are useful for daily cleaning of different rooms in a house, in particular, the kitchen and bathroom. They are used to clean certain surfaces such as tiles, tiles , countertops, ceramics, etc. depositing on a cloth or using a mop.

Its effective power

Household cleaners base their power on certain substances that are commercialized diluted in water. They are sold in supermarkets or drug stores in plastic containers. Its screw cap sometimes acts as a meter to obtain the correct dose.


Surfactants are the substances that provide the basis for these products. In particular, nonionic surfactants are the most commonly found in products of this nature. Anionic surfactants are also common components and are considered good degreasers as well as being highly foaming.


The soap also a surfactant but now hardly used for these purposes. Household cleaners sometimes also include solvents that have the function of diluting grease stains to make them easier to remove. Some bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide are added to remove some difficult stains such as coffee or fruit.


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