Is it good to clean the lint from the PS4 or PS5 with a vacuum cleaner?

PS4 and PS5 consoles, like any other electronic equipment that uses fans for cooling, tend to accumulate a staggering amount of lint and dust inside them, making it necessary to clean them from time to time. Now, when it comes to doing it, is it advisable to use a vacuum cleaner? If you are going to clean your PS4 or PS5 soon, you are interested in reading on.

As you know, lint and dust are a great enemy of hardware products, since due to the heat this dust and dirt ends up turning into soot, a solid substance that prevents the passage of air in the grilles, hindering cooling and causing that the temperature rises, causing noise and, in general, promoting a malfunction of the devices, be they consoles, PCs, laptops or whatever. Therefore, it is necessary to clean them from time to time.

Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the PS4 or PS5

Normally we would tell you not to use a vacuum cleaner to clean electronic equipment, much less a PC, since due to the size of the nozzle and the suction power they have, you can end up damaging something. However, when we talk about consoles and more specifically about the PS4 or PS5, things change a lot and, in certain circumstances, it may be advisable to use a vacuum cleaner to superficially clean dust and lint.

We re-emphasize the fact that we are talking about superficial cleaning, and not completely disassembling the PS4 or PS5 to clean it well on the inside. And it is that in fact if you perform a superficial cleaning with the vacuum cleaner to your console, say, once a month, you will be delaying a lot having to disassemble it to perform a thorough cleaning, since you will be largely preventing dust from accumulating and the fluff inside.

Therefore and in short: if you are going to perform a superficial cleaning of the PS4 or PS5, it is recommended to use the vacuum cleaner. If, on the other hand, you are going to carry out a thorough cleaning, then you should not use it to avoid damaging anything.

How to use the vacuum to clean the console

When we talk about a superficial cleaning of the console, we refer to cleaning the exterior area without disassembling anything at all , and this implies using the vacuum cleaner to especially clean the ventilation grills of the consoles, which is precisely where the greatest amount of dust tends to be stored. and fluff.

In the image above you can see a slightly exaggerated example (that console probably hasn’t been cleaned in years, not even superficially), but it illustrates what we mean. The idea is to vacuum with the smallest nozzle you have (and in fact, if you have a better brush with synthetic hairs) through these areas to remove all that dust and lint. In addition, with the suction power of the vacuum cleaner you will also “take away” part of the dust that has managed to enter the interior of the device.

Since we are cleaning from the outside, without disassembling anything, the risk of something going wrong is minimal. However, try not to insist too often on the same area to prevent the console fan, a blower type, from starting to spin too fast as this could damage it… but beyond that, there is no other precaution to be taken. you should take

Yes, we would tell you that, once you have used the vacuum cleaner to clean the exterior of the console, take advantage of it and wipe it with a damp cloth (eye, damp but not wet, make sure it is well wrung out and that it does not drip) over the entire exterior surface to leave it very clean. By doing this task, for example, once a month, you make sure that the console is in good condition and that you don’t have to clean it inside as often.


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