Hoe . (From the vulgar Latin asciāta , from ascĭa , azuela, sort of ax). Manual actuation tool consisting of a square iron blade or shovel, with a cutting edge and provided the opposite of a small cylinder or ring where the handle fits and is held, forming a slightly sharp angle with the shovel. It is used to dig broken or soft earth, remove manure, knead cement mortar, etc. In Cuba it is called guataca . As variants of hoes are the hoe , the adze and the piocha .


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  • 1 Features and operation
  • 2 types
  • 3 Component parts
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Features and operation

Narrow-blade hoe.

A common hoe can have a height with its handle from 0.6 to 1.0 m, mass of 2.0 kg, with a working width of 150 to 300 mm, with blade length of the hoe of 250 mm, and thickness of 2 mm, in SAE 5160 steel , although the variations in technical characteristics are many, according to the manufacturer.

The worker buries the blade of the hoe in the ground (or other material), pulling the rope and blade toward him. The displacement produced after penetrating allows it to be removed, which can be cut or only dragged.


Common hoe . It is the most commonly used for cultivation work (weeding), and movement of various materials (earth, sand, concrete, etc.)

Hoe . The extreme edge is straight (transverse), which makes it easy to collect light materials (for example: sand ), being inserted at the point where they rest on the ground, for which the sheet is flat.

Binadora hoe . It is a typical garden or orchard hoe, with a cutting edge to brush the weeds.

Gardening . It is generally a model of a small-blade hoe, used in gardening work , which in some countries is called a hoe .

Azuela . In Cuba it is called a zuela . Carpenter’s tool with a design similar to a hoe, used to rough wood, consisting of a sharp iron sheet, ten to twelve centimeters wide, and a short wooden handle that forms.

Piocha . In Spain and other countries called zapapico or espiocha . It is a kind of beak with a long and narrow shovel, heavier than a common hoe, which is used to break the ground.

Component parts

Foil . It is the fundamental part, and they consist of a flat steel plate , finished with a straight edge. In the central part of the upper end it has a cylindrical tube that is the hole where the handle is placed.

Mango . It is generally circular in section, made of wood . It is firmly inserted into the tube provided for this, also known as the eye


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