Countersink (Tool)

Countersink (Tool). Steel tool used to smooth the indentations made in iron and other metals.


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  • 2 Cylindrical countersink
  • 3 Tapered countersink
  • 4 Spherical countersink
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A countersink is used to smooth the indentations made in iron and other metals . They are of various figures and dimensions that vary according to their application.

Cylindrical countersink

Steel cylinder adapted to the end of an iron square whose grooved surface serves to smooth out the unevenness caused by the bit when drilling metals. Its most common use is to fix the calibers of portable firearms.

Tapered countersink

Species of conical and octagonal steel drill bit. It is commonly used to widen holes , for screws, or for the part where the bolt head must rest so that it is recessed and to fix the nozzles of hollow projectiles. The flute inclination varies depending on whether they are intended for cutting metal or wood .

Spherical countersink

Auger like the previous one formed by a fluted steel sphere. There are also hemispherical ones. The former are generally used to polish the cavity of turquoise, to melt lead bullets, and the latter to widen and round certain cavities in wood or iron.


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