Kiev astronaut

Kiev Astronaut : Named for the first time by Peter Kolosimo , the author of several books on alien contact in the past, it is still an unsolved puzzle as he has no clear idea about its true origin and who it represents.


What immediately catches the eye is the “helmet” on his head, which although it could be a war helmet, is perfectly reminiscent of that of an astronaut. A strange element is a kind of halo that runs through the top, as if it were a kind of light area that would not be just an ornamental detail. Special emphasis is placed on the seams on the elbows and the specially decorated surface in the central part of the body, almost like a simulation of a soft fabric, unlike the “armor” that he would wear.

Also, the area of ​​the helmet that appears firmly “attached” to the rest of the costume, as if the artist had wanted to accurately reproduce an existing object. Another detail to take into account is the proportions between the arms and legs, which are not comparable with that of a human being. In addition to having six fingers on each hand, his posture is also quite rare on objects created during that period, and suggests authority and power.

That is why, despite the years that have passed since his discovery, “the Kiev astronaut” remains an open mystery, as he does not have enough evidence to understand whether or not it is the memory of a past encounter with extraterrestrial civilizations.


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