Before we start talking about the properties and benefits of guarana for the human being, we must know what it is and where it comes from . The guarana or also known by its scientific name “guarana” is a native plant from the Amazon. It is a climbing vine characterized by its colorful brown – reddish berries.

The cultures of the Amazonian peoples use the properties of guarana since time immemorial, preparing ointments and medicines. The tribes used guarana as a stimulant and astringent food , in addition to using it as an anorexigen for fasting periods.

Guarana Properties

It is a natural stimulant thanks to its high caffeine content, higher than that of the famous coffee ( guarana seeds contain about twice as much caffeine as coffee beans ). We must bear in mind that its absorption is much slower and lasting. In addition to caffeine , guarana seeds also contain eophilin, theobromine, catechins and tannins providing beneficial properties for our body. It is important to know that guarana It may be unsafe if ingested for a long time in large quantities.

The guarana is used for therapeutic purposes among which the stimulating effects, antidepressants, aphrodisiacs and more! 

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Benefits of consuming Guarana

  • Food with multiple nutritional properties:The guarana seed has antioxidant properties s which help slow cellular aging . It can also help improve cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
  • Metabolism stimulant:When taking guarana increases the secretion of adrenaline, a hormone with lipolytic action that acts in adipocytes facilitating the use of deposited fat, which makes it easier to burn body fat.
  • It is a powerful energizer:By containing a high caffeine content , it  increases alertness and reduces drowsiness . The guarana is the essential ally for athletes and athletes who perform intense physical activity. Boosts blood circulation and decreases the feeling of fatigue, thereby increasing performance and sports performance. It is also an excellent option for students , since it improves memory and mental capacity.
  • Improves fat burning and appetite control:The guarana is an inhibitor of appetite . Due to its high energy intake, it decreases the desire and desire to eat.   In addition to containing a high amount of caffeine that activates the secretion of adrenaline and helps in the control of body weight.


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