Does anyone know what macrobiotic cooking is ? The macrobiotic diet or macrobiotic diet is a type of nutrition based on organic food and grown in proximity and seasonal vegetables . The diet is rich in whole grains, legumes and cooked vegetables, eliminating processed products.

The Yin Yang diet. What is it?

This diet is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. There is Yin and Yang, two opposing forces that actually complement each other. For this reason, it is important to eat Yin foods and Yang foods so that our body creates balance.

The Yin diet includes vegetables and fruits because of the high water content they contain. Yin products can be considered sugar, coffee, ice cream, milk, spices and alcohol, etc.

Yang foods are meat, eggs, fish and cooked vegetables. Yang products can be considered salt, medications, soy sauce, seaweed, cereals, blueberries, etc.

Essential products in the macrobiotic diet

There are 4 essential ingredients that must be present in any macrobiotic diet or in traditional Japanese cuisine:

  • Plums umeboshi:Rich in protein, citric acid, minerals and fats. It is fermented plum for 2 years. When ingested they produce an alkaline effect that helps the elimination of acidity in the stomach, colds, eliminates toxins, improves the skin and much more!
  • Black Sesame:Rich in vegetable proteins and valuable for our good being. It contains antioxidants, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus. Ifthe seedsare roasted the flavor will be more intense and increases the content of nutrients such as calcium .
  • Agar Agar:It is a soft and very nutritious vegetable jelly extracted from a wing. Rich in carbohydrates, proteins and fibers. Ideal for preparing vegetable jellies or for salads.
  • Kuzu: Also known as Kuzuko or Kudzu. It is arrowroot root powder rich in fiber. It is used to help with gastrointestinal problems. It is an effective remedy in cases of diarrhea and helps lower sugar levels (diabetes).

If you have been interested in these food supplements and phytotherapy , but you do not know how to integrate them into your diet … by clicking here you will find different vegan and healthy recipes to eat at home and also in the office, for those who do not have a minute to rest. Do you dare to try them?


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