The suffering of cramps during sports is related to the loss of magnesium through sweat. If you are one of those who usually suffer from cramps before, during or after practicing Nordic walking more frequently than you would like, we advise you to take Joint + , the food supplement with an important contribution of magnesium.

Bamboo Labs has as its objective the development of nutritional supplements and sports premium . Offering a wide line of products for joint health and for different purposes with the same philosophy. Using the best raw materials available, with strict production standards and the most demanding quality controls.

Causes for which we suffer cramps

Cramps are small involuntary muscle spasms. Although they are not very serious, they can be very painful and usually occur after intense exercise. Who has not suffered a muscle cramp? With these simple habits and taking food supplements we can prevent them.

  • Dehydration and lack of minerals:Loss of water and electrolytes can affect the muscular system and cause cramps. With the food supplements Joint +  and Collagen + we can avoid the lack of electrolytes such as magnesium or potassium.
  • Blood circulation disorder:During routine, muscles need oxygen as fuel. If the blood vessels do not carry enough oxygen, the muscle cells cannot process the impulses in the correct way and tense, causing the famous cramps. With the Omega 3 + nutritional supplement , we can prevent cardiovascular risk.
  • Overload:After very intense training, muscle cells become irritated and can cause cramping.
  • Equipment:It is essential to use the appropriate equipment for different physical activities. Using inappropriate equipment can cause injuries and cramps. It is advisable to wear appropriate clothes and shoes for exercise
  • Cold:Low temperatures can lead to muscles becoming too tight and can cause a painful cramp.

How to calm a cramp?

  • Stretching:When suffering a cramp, the most effective way to calm the pain is to make a correct stretch and a massage in the affected area. If you frequently suffer from cramping, it is advisable to consult with your GP or physical therapist for the best possible advice.
  • Apply heat:The heat relaxes the muscles during a spasm (cramp). It is important to apply cold when the cramp is over.
  • Hydrate:It is important to hydrate properly if you are doing a physical activity. It is also advisable to rest 24 hours after performing an important physical activity.
  • Apply balms, ointments or ointments:The balms have the property of activating the circulation, refreshing, soothing and relaxing and should be applied abundantly to cover the affected area.
  • Apply infused cloths of infusion:Infusions can be of great help when suffering from a cramp. By applying cloths soaked in infusion of arnica or apple cider vinegar for 5 minutes we can relieve the pain of the cramp.


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