What is a High Complexity Surgery?

The etymology of the term surgery goes back to the Latin word chirurgĭa , which, in turn, has Greek origin. Surgery is the branch of medicine that is dedicated to curing diseases through operations .

High complexity procedures are surgeries that require different treatments . In addition to the high degree of medical specialization and support teams, it also has the latest equipment and materials.

But what does that mean? It means that the place where the surgery will be performed, is ready to assist patients who present pathologies or conditions that affect their health in several aspects. These are cases that require assistance by multidisciplinary medical teams that are very well prepared and with the help of the best technological resources available in medicine.

An example of a technology widely used in highly complex surgeries is laparoscopy , a surgical technique that consists of insufflation of carbon dioxide into the abdominal cavity in order to expand it and create a working field to perform the surgery. A 10mm incision in the umbilical region is made for the insertion of an optic connected to a video camera . Additional incisions are made for the introduction of surgical instruments. The number of incisions depends on the type of surgery proposed and its complexity, but it usually ranges from 3 to 5.

It is a minimally invasive surgical access route that has the benefits of less surgical trauma, less intraoperative bleeding, less postoperative pain, decreased amount of analgesics after surgery, faster postoperative recovery with early return usual activities and work, and better cosmetic effect .

Often the highly complex service is related to the occurrence of emergencies . In these situations, the care provided quickly and accurately can make the difference between life and death. Seemingly simple cases, such as appendicitis, can take on complexities if the patient also has diabetes or heart problems, for example.

Usually when we think about high complexity an emergency situation and the need to rush to the hospital comes to mind. However, information is essential to understand the term: high complexity is not directly related to a medical emergency .

Pre-scheduled surgeries, for example, are not emergencies, but can become complex procedures if the patient needs them during or after the operation of the support of multi-professional and high-tech teams to solve the problem .


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