Heroes in Pajamas

PJ Masks: Heroes in pajamas . It is a Franco-British animated preschool series produced by Entertainment One , Frog Box , and TeamTO . Based on the books created by the French writer Romuald Racioppo .


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The children’s series revolves around three 6-year-old boys who lead relatively normal lives during the day, where they are neighbors, classmates, and friends. At night, however, they activate their bracelets, which they tie into their pajamas, making them their alternate identities: the PJ Masks. After their costumes appear, they all turn into energy beams, which quickly fly to their superhero base, where they investigate and prepare their artifacts to fight the evil villains.


Connor- Gatuno

Connor- Gatuno : He is a dark boy, adventurous and brave. It becomes Catboy and its color is blue.



Amaya – Buhita (Owlette

Amaya – Buhita (Owlette) : She is a very intelligent and fighting girl who when night falls becomes Buhita to fight crimes with her friends. Its color is red


Greg – Gecko (Gekko)



Greg – Gecko (Gekko) : He is another of the main protagonists of the series. His color is green and his superhero name is Gecko




  • Character – Connor- Gatuno / Original voice actor – Jacob EwaniukVoice actor- Francisco Vargas .
  • Character – Amaya – Buhita (Owlette) / Original voice actor Addison Holley/ Voice actor – Pamela Mendoza .
  • Character – Greg – Gecko (Gekko) / Original voice actor Kyle Harrison Breitkopf/ Voice actor – Oliver Diaz .

The villains of the series

  • Lunatic
  • Night Ninja
  • Romeo

Other characters

  • Cameron
  • Jayden Houston
  • Master Fang
  • Kick McGee
  • Flossy Flash

Additional voices

  • David Ramos
  • Matías Quintana Ortíz
  • Eduardo Gutiérrez
  • Melisa Gutiérrez
  • Marc Winslow
  • Zoé Ivanna Mora


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