Delgo . It is a 2008 computer animated film directed by Marc F. Adler and Jason Maurer produced by Electric Eye Entertainment Corporation and released in theaters on April 17, 2008.


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Delgo lives on a distant and magical planet, a naive and dreamy teenager who will have to face one of the most important battles that will take place in his world: the land race of the Lockni connoisseurs of the secrets of the earth, will fight in a final battle against the owners of the skies, the Nohrin air race. Delgo will have to gather his brave friends to protect and save everything around them if they do not want it to disappear forever. A fantasy adventure with evil traitors, monsters and flying heroes


  • Freddie Prinze Jras Delgo
  • Jennifer Love Hewittas Kyla.
  • Anne Bancroftas Sedessa.
  • Chris Kattanas Filo.
  • Val Kilmeras Bogardus.
  • Malcolm McDowellas Raius.
  • Louis Gossett, Jras King Zahn.
  • Michael Clarke Duncanas Elder Marley.
  • Eric Idleas Spig.
  • Kelly Ripaas Kurrin.
  • Melissa McBrideas Miss Sutley / Elder Pearo.
  • Burt Reynoldsas Delgo’s father.
  • Brad Abrellas Spog.
  • Sally Kellermanas the Narrator.
  • Mary Matilyn Mouseras Baby Delgo.
  • David Heyeras Talusi.
  • John Vernonas Judge Nohrin.


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