Mousepolis . It is a 2006 cartoon film made by the DreamWorks production company . It is the story of a tall city rat who goes down the toilet of his attic apartment, which ends up in the sewers of London , where he has to learn a new and different way of life .


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Roddy is a ” high society rat ” who lives like a king in a Kensington flat attended by two butlers, the hamsters Gilbert and Sullivan. But when a vulgar sewer rat named Sid appears by the kitchen sink and decides this is hahaha, Roddy has no choice but to get rid of the intruder by luring him into the “whirlpool.” Sid may be an ignorant slob, but not stupid, and Roddy just disappearing down the toilet into the world underground Flushed Away. There he meets the hard-working and enterprising Rita, who survives in the sewers on her trusty ship., the “Jammy Dodger”. Roddy only has one idea, to go up, but first he will have to compensate Rita for the problems he has caused her. And speaking of trouble, the evil Toad (Toad), who hates all rodents, wants to freeze them … literally. Toad entrusts the work to his two hapless “minions”, Spike and Whitey. Failing to do so, he has no choice but to bring his cousin from France, the terrible mercenary “Le Frog” (Le Rana ).

Origin of the project

After the acclaimed blockbusters Chicken Run / Farm Evasion and Oscar-winning Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Vegetables, DreamWorks Animation and Aardman Features team up again to produce Mousepolis. On this occasion the two studies have gone even further in their collaboration. Conceived at Aardman’s studios in the United Kingdom, Mousepolis is the British producer’s first computer-animated feature film and has been produced at DreamWorks studios in Glendale, California . In the words of director David Bowers, the film has the best of both studies.

When Mousepolis was still in the early stages, the producers realized that, for various reasons, their third collaboration had to be entirely based on computer animation. First, it is extremely difficult to imitate water in stop motion animation; In addition, they needed very large sets to cheer Roddy, Rita and the rest of the characters from Mousepolis. According to director Sam Fell, Aardman had been interested in making a computer-animated film for some time now, and Mousepolis seemed like the right project to make the leap.


From the characters to the sets to the backgrounds, Aardman’s films have a very unique look and feel that the filmmakers wanted to respect in Mousepilos. Since frame-by-frame animation is an integral part of that style, in order to translate it into computer animation, it was necessary to design the characters with special attention, take great care of the details and, finally, slow everything down a bit. They were determined to keep that characteristic Aardman image, but they also didn’t want a simple digitized copy of the modeling clay.evolution in the Aardman style.


To exaggerate the contrast between Roddy’s lonely and luxurious life and the vibrant chaos he discovers when falling down the toilet, it was necessary to design two dramatically opposite worlds. And thus the crazy setting of the underground world was born in opposition to the impersonal and pristine floor on the top floor. As part of the film takes place in the visible part of London, the production design team approached central London.

The camera

Since computer animation films are built in a virtual environment, it is easy to underestimate the importance of one of the fundamental pieces of equipment, the camera. The photograph is as important as in a movie with actors of flesh and bone or stop motion animation. In a typical setting, camera movement must be coupled to space and gravity. To shoot a scene from above, a crane must be installed. Depending on the complexity of the shot, more or less complicated structures will be built. Still, camera movements will be limited. But gravity does not exist in computer animation. It is possible to film a scene from any angle; An aerial shot is as easy as shooting from the ground.


There is nothing that can replace a good soundtrack and selected songs to underline the atmosphere of a movie. From the tension of the chase, to the tenderness of the budding romance between Roddy and Rita, to the comic appearances of the slugs, music is the indispensable backdrop of Mousepolis. To achieve this, the two directors turned to Harry Gregson-Williams .


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