Heart surgery: 10 tips for returning home

Returning home after undergoing a heart operation is certainly the most awaited moment for every patient. It is necessary, however, to follow some precautions given by the doctor to live one’s convalescence in a more peaceful way:


1) After having undergone a heart operation, you cannot lift or push too heavy weights, exceeding 6-10 kg.

2) Follow a proper diet , avoiding curly foods with saturated fat, cholesterol and high salt content.

3) Go up and down the stairs calmly, taking short breaks if you feel tired.

4) Walking every day is a useful exercise, which helps to resume the rhythms of daily life: comfortable overalls and shoes for 20-30 minutes every day, increasing distance and speed of the step!

5) It is necessary to sleep from 8-10 hours a night, and take small breaks during the day.

6) For the first month after the operation, it is recommended to avoid driving and fastening the seat belt; if the operation was performed with a complete sternotomy , it is better to wait 2 months.

7) Sexual activity can be resumed 2 weeks after the operation.

8) The menstrual cycle may be delayed due to the stress of the operation. In the event of cycle irregularities, the use of contraceptives is recommended for the first 6 months after the operation.

9) Physical activity can be resumed moderately 4 weeks after heart surgery. After 3 months, it can be resumed intensely.

10) Generally, it is possible to resume work about one month after discharge. However, it is necessary to evaluate with the doctor on the basis of the type of work carried out and the health conditions allow it.


The most important rule, therefore, is to avoid stressful situations as much as possible , which can tire the heart and expose it to risks.


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