Half-Life Alex Cheat Codes (Hot Keys)

In the properties of the shortcut, write -console -novr

Author – I am Sayway Sayris Sergey (there are many nicknames, but they are all mine).

Much fits from my half-life 2 ep 1-2 codes, even harvester soldiers and zombie turrets can be summoned by entering the same codes.

Copy to C: \ Games \ Half Life Alyx \ game \ core \ cfg and enter exec mycodes in the console, exit the game so that the codes are saved for a long time, enter and play.


sv_cheats 1


sv_noclipspeed 0.5

vr_enable_fake_vbr_test – enter glove mode (does not turn off and noclip is immediately turned on) The code was unusable, except that at the beginning at the TV and the elevator.

autosave – save

load autosave – load

Maps * – will help you find a map, but it’s better to check the video of the passage from the Internet. Here are the maps that will help you go further without VR.

map a2_quarantine_entrance – train after receiving (pistol)

map a2_headcrabs_tunnel – after Vortigaunt (while getting a shotgun)

map a3_station_street – after the train and rescuing Eli Vance by Vortigaunt

map a4_c17_zoo – ant lions tunnel

a4_c17_parking_garage – the flying prison just fell from the sky

a5_vault – on the fallen prison after Strider before the ending

There are other codes on the Internet that will help you complete the game by controlling your hands with the vr_enable_fake_vbr_test code, but judging by the video demonstration, this is a difficult case. Maybe I’ll add such codes later.

My codes

bind mouse3 “sv_cheats 1; impulse 101 – invisible weapons and ammo from Half-Life 2

bind mouse4 “npc_select” – select NPC

bind mouse5 “npc_go” – Order NPC

bind q “ent_setname npc_killed; ent_fire npc_killed sethealth 0” – Kill NPC

bind z “noclip; sv_noclipspeed 0.5” – Flying through walls at low speed

bind x “exec combinepeace” – Combine harvester soldiers and turrets do not attack the player

bind c “npc_create npc_combine_s; npc_create_equipment weapon_ar2” – summon a harvester soldier

bind v “Ent_create npc_turret_floor” – summon the turret of harvesters

bind b “npc_create npc_zombie” – summon zombies

bind n “Ent_create npc_antlion” – summon an ant lion

bind m “exec antlionpeace” – Antlions do not attack the player

bind f “impulse 100” – Flashlight (shines without turns, but can be rearranged to another place)

bind F5 “autosave” – ​​Make autosave

bind F6 “autosave” – ​​Make autosave

bind F9 “load autosave” – ​​Load autosave.

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