Encased: Console Commands

Are you looking to enhance your gaming experience in Encased? Knowing the right console commands can give you a significant advantage and unlock hidden features. In this article, we will explore the world of Encased console commands, providing you with a comprehensive guide to maximize your gaming experience.

Select the line of the desired cheat code with the mouse.

Press Ctrl + C – the selection is copied to the clipboard.

Go to the game, press ~ “tilde” – The console opens.

Press Ctrl + V – the cheat code is inserted into the console from the clipboard.

Press Enter – the cheat is activated.

Similarly, we introduce the following …

You can add (Weapons, Books, Perks, Artifacts, Medicine, Amunnition)

Characteristics and skills:

Cheats.UpgradeAllCharacterSkills () – leave brackets empty

Cheats.AddExp (value) example: Cheats.AddExp (1000)

Cheats.DamageImmune ()

Cheats.StopCombat ()

Cheats.ChangeRadiation ()

To change attributes and skills:

Avatar.PrimaryAttributes.attribute name = value (not lower than the one already present, may lead to errors)

Avatar.SkillStats. Skill name = value (not lower than the one already available, may lead to errors)

Attribute names: Perception, Brains, Deftness, Fortune, Guts, Looks, Muscle, Psyche.

All codes for money, weapons, ammunition, etc. are in the file, the list is too long to write here … I will update it whenever possible.

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