Analysis Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX

Updated and very colorful platforms from the 80s for all types of users.

Alex Kidd is a guy who has had it very difficult throughout his career. At first, it was created by Sega in 1986 to try to stand up to the famous Nintendo plumber that we all know, an arduous task like few others. But the worst thing is that after the arrival in the early 90s of the great Sonic the Hedgehog , unfortunately Alex Kidd was practically abandoned by Sega itself and was relegated to a marginal plane. A shame, because many of us really enjoy his platform adventures, which in their day were very entertaining, colorful and varied as far as possible.

Well, a while ago and to the surprise of the most veteran users, Merge Games and Tesura announced the arrival of an update of the first of the adventures starring this Sega character. Alex Kidd in Miracle World appeared on the 8-bit Master System console in 1986, a title that was very well received by critics and, even more so, by users of that machine. A work that has just landed in its DX version for all current formats, a retro delight that lifelong platform arcade enthusiasts are sure to appreciate and taste the way it deserves .

The great Alex Kidd returns with a renewed version of the first of the adventures that he starred in the mid-80s in Master System.

A charming platform

The simple story behind the game takes us to the kingdom of Radaxian, which has been invaded by the bad guy on duty, Janken, and his army of final minions and sub-bosses. A being who has turned all the inhabitants to stone and, incidentally, has kidnapped Princess Lora, so we have to hunt him down and kill him. The playable layout that puts this proposal at stake is exact to the one that Sega programmed in 1986 . Throughout a good batch of levels (not too extensive, yes) we have to guide the protagonist through phases that pass through a scrollmostly lateral … although there are also different levels in which we have to progressively descend, underwater phases, etc. And to provide even more variety, from time to time we can get on certain vehicles such as a water boat, a small motorcycle or even a kind of mini helicopter.


It is possible to change from the new version to the classic look at any time and by pressing a button, being one of the most interesting features of the entire title.

As usual, each phase contains a good sum of platform areas that must be circumvented, sections that, although at the beginning are very simple, later they gradually become more complicated. The control is very simple, to the point that only two buttons are used to control the protagonist (jump and attack). A handling that is more reliable than the one integrated in the original title … but that is still not as perfect and reliable as that reflected in the references of the genre such as the adventures starring Super Mario, Rayman, Celeste or Donkey Kong, to name only Some examples.

Sometimes we can control certain vehicles, giving more variety to a very attractive gameplay in itself.

Logically, at all levels it is also necessary to avoid or eliminate a handful of rivals that swarm through them, being able to hit them with punches or even throw projectiles at them if we pick up and keep the item on duty. And from time to time, we also have to face very particular rivals who act as final bosses and who invite us to surpass them … in rock-paper-scissors duels ! These confrontations were very popular in their day and it seemed to us a success that they have been preserved … although it is fair to comment that, those users who did not experience them or, even worse, the younger players who do not even know what this classic game is about , they may find it too “weird”. A playable arrangement, in short, as classic as entertaining, at least while it lasts, becauseWe are not facing the oldest game in the world precisely despite the small innovations that have been introduced in this edition.

The curious battles against the final bosses in rock, paper or scissors (jan-ken-pon) plan have been kept to the joy of the most nostalgic users.

From the outset, new levels have been created, although it is not that they give much of themselves in terms of durability. The Boss Rush mode has also been added that invites us to overcome bosses at once, which is more of a curiosity than anything else. Innovations that, from our point of view, pale in comparison to the most attractive of all: the possibility of being able to switch from one version of the game to another(original and DX) at any time by pressing a button. Apart from being a wonder for the most veteran users to see how certain parts of the game looked in their day, it also increases the overall replayability since it is like having two games (almost identical, yes) in the same pack. In addition, the graphic change that can be seen from one version to another is very noticeable, since the face lift that this version has undergone is fantastic in our opinion. And the same happens with the sound, which allows us to listen to the classic songs or remixes that are just as compelling.

It is a pleasure to contemplate the new redesigns of both the characters and the sets that we can visit. It’s a really nice game.

Captivating Classic Platforms

Given its basic layout, surely any fan knows exactly what to expect from this update of a 2D arcade platformer as veteran and beloved as Alex Kidd in Miracle World.. Jumps, quite varied levels within what fits (and more taking into account his seniority), diverse scenarios, the possibility of being able to pilot the odd vehicle and a very tight challenge level are his best assets … playable. Because to this is added a really admirable aesthetic thanks to its highly renewed graphic finish, being able to change from one to another at any time by pressing a button, something that we think is wonderful. It is true that despite the new game modes and levels it is still a not too long-lived title (although it is true that its price is quite low), but while it lasts it is pure retro platform fun.



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