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Concept: Different haircuts for different faces.

A correctly chosen haircut will transform the look and style of a woman. Before it is time to choose what the haircut will be, you must know that it is very important to take into account the shape of your face. There are as many haircuts for women as there are women in the world. However, you can choose between standard hairstyles like layered cuts, with bangs or without bangs, short, and much more.


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Through visagism – science that is dedicated to the style of the face – you can define the type of hairstyle that looks best on each person. To do this, the first thing is to discover the shape of the face. Basically there are 4 types of faces according to their shape: round, oval, square or triangular. Discovering the shape of the face will no longer be difficult to know the types of haircuts that are advisable for a person. Although we can use a tape measure to calculate and thus determine the shape of your face, we will do something more practical and simple.

Types of faces

There are several types of faces to which different styles of haircuts are applied:

  • Round face: With rounded chin, well defined angles, prominent cheeks. For this type of face, we must minimize the impression of a round face, the ideal would be to make a layered cut to frame the face. Another tip would be to have a haircut longer than the height of our face, so we will always manage to give the impression of having a longer and less flattened face. By having the round face type we should avoid short haircuts, that is, always keep our length below our chin.
  • Oval face: The proportions of this type of face are very similar. Those fortunate enough to have this type of face can experience almost any type of haircut. Long, medium, short haircuts, with or without bangs, among others, will always be the recommended styles.
  • Triangular Face: This type of face can use bangs to one side and with a height up to the eyes, in this way we will help to give a more balanced shape to the face and conceal the prominent chin.
  • Square face: If you have this type of face, the advisable thing for you would be a haircut with long layers. You could also split your hair to the side. You should avoid those types of hairstyles that give a lot of volume as well as very bulky bangs.

Types of cuts

Depending on the type of face that the person has, he is prepared to make a haircut according to his figure:

  • Layered: When you cut your hair in layers there are many hairstyle heights and styles that work well with this technique. For example, if your hair is curly or wavy, the layers can add volume and life when you let your hair dry naturally. If you don’t have natural curls you can use a curling iron. The important thing to remember about layers is that they add volume to your hair.
  • Straight: If you have or want to have straight hair, you can also do it, or you can improve your natural cut with a shiny appearance. The absence of layers allows your hair to fall into a single even layer, showing a very sophisticated appearance. Make sure you have anti-bristle products on hand, because this cut doesn’t look good if it is.
  • Short: Short hair can have many shapes; It depends on which one you like. Older women prefer very short hair, because it is easier to style and does not get in the eyes. You can have from a short helmet type, to an almost shaved cut. Typical male cuts also suit women, such as a faux hawk.
  • Bangs: Bangs look good with almost any hairstyle to make you look more provocative. For example, if you have a long straight hairstyle, cut your bangs so that it falls straight across your forehead. This cut goes with the geometric aspect of the rest of the hairstyle. Or you can have bangs to one side. The more drastic the angle and length, the more drastic the appearance will be.
  • Hair Dyeing: Dyeing your hair can change any hairstyle, making it brighter, darker, or even more daring. Talk to your stylist to decide what color is best for you, as some are difficult to maintain. For example, if you are brunette and want blonde hair, you will need to dye it frequently to make sure your roots are not noticeable with hair growth


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