Carmelina J. Walker

Carmelina J. Walker. The most famous inventor in the world of hairdressing and cosmetics .


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Biographical synthesis

He was born on September 23 , 1867 in the United States .

Career path

Straightening hair seems to have become popular with people of color in America . In the late 1800s , combs , invented in France , were heated and used to temporarily straighten frizzy hair.

At the beginning of the 20th century Carmelina J. Walker developed; style press-and-curl, along with a wide range of products for hair care colored people. He developed many beauty and hair care products that are extremely popular.

Walker started his cosmetic business in 1905 . His first product was a scalp treatment that uses oil and a hot comb , later he invented a system to straighten hair. That hot comb was invented in 1845 in France but she is the one who popularizes it in the United States . She popularizes the press and curl style. Some criticize it as it encourages women to use hair like white women.

Madame in his name and starts selling his new “Walker System” door to door. The products were a great success and soon had many vendors, called “Walker Agents,” who sold their products door-to-door. Many of these women grew up at a time when people of color and women were discriminated against . Their social situation may have prevents them from obtaining an education , but this does not prevent them from exploring their world and finding ingenious solutions to everyday problems. His innate intelligence and determination has led to his triumph over personal adversity. His inventions may not have survived in the 21st centuryand yet his pioneering spirit to live; in today’s generation of women working in the fields of science and technology .


He died on May 25 , 1919 in the United States .


She is featured in the Guinness Book of Records as the first free African American to become a millionaire.

In 1920 Marcus Garvey, a black nationalist, urges his followers to adopt a natural hair style and regain African aesthetics.

In 1954 George E. Johnson Johnson launches products Ultra Wave aliset for men and in 1957 , Ultra Sheen a revolutionary cream alizar the hair , for women who could apply in their houses creating the culture of hair straightening “permanent”. Straightening hair seems to have become popular with people of color in America .


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