Guide to England in Age of Empires 4

Analysis of all the unique features, abilities, units and attractions of England

England is one of the simplest civilizations (factions) available in Age of Empires 4. As stated by the developers themselves from the studio Relic, this civilization was created in such a way as to stylistically match the factions from the previous parts of the series. As such, England should be familiar to almost every Age of Empires fan who has ever launched the previous games in the franchise. The in-game difficulty gauge is rated 1/3, which means England, along with a couple of other factions, is the best choice for newbies.

Unique features of England

Castle network

This ability triggers whenever you spot an enemy. Units within range of city centers, outposts, towers and fortresses receive a 25% attack speed buff.

Agriculture island

Farms use 50% less wood, while the speed of mining from farms located in the range of the mill increases by 15%.

Defensive byrig

At the beginning of the Dark Age (I), the British gain access to heavy infantry, the vanguard of warriors. In addition, villagers will use bows instead of regular melee weapons, and city centers will start firing twice the number of arrows at nearby enemies (than they did before).

England landmarks

Note that the epoch in parentheses tells you what time frame you can go if you build this landmark.

  • Council Hall (second century) – a military landmark. Allows you to hire archer shooters with a speed of + 100%, has improvements for archers.
  • Queen’s Abbey (2nd century) – a religious landmark. Heals all nearby friendly units that are out of combat for +4 HP every 1.5 seconds.
  • Royal Palace (third era) – an economic landmark. Acts as the center of the city.
  • The White Tower (third era) is a defensive landmark. Acts like a fortress.
  • Berkshire Palace (4th era) – Defensive landmark, act like a fortress, with increased range (+ 50%) and double the number of arrow slots.
  • Wingward Palace (fourth era) – a military landmark. Creates a Wingward army, which is a squad of several different units – warriors, spearmen, archers, knight and trebuchet.

England is one of the simplest and easiest factions for beginners. The fact that heavy artillery is available to her literally from the very beginning indicates one thing – you can easily protect yourself from early attacks. And if you have the courage, you will be able to make productive forays into enemy territories in the early stages. However, it is worth focusing on your defense, given the bonuses you get by fighting alongside her.

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