Guide to the Abbasid dynasty in Age of Empires 4

Analysis of all the unique abilities, units, features and attractions of the Abbasid dynasty

The Abbasid dynasty is another experimental civilization available in Age of Empires 4. They do not deviate as much from the standard formula of other civilizations as the Mongols do, but they are still far from the usual gameplay. They have many different advantages and disadvantages like England. Their playstyle is similar to that of China, as the faction has one major change that will require you to adapt to its play. The difficulty rating is 2/3.

The Abbasid dynasty passes from one era to another in a completely different way. Instead of building landmarks for the transition to a new era, you need to build just one of them in the Dark Age. This is the House of Wisdom. This building contains unique faction technologies and is used to transition from one era to another. To do this, you will have to expand it by building additional “wings”. You can build a military, cultural, economic, or trade wing. You can build them in any order. Thus, for the transition from one era to another, you need to build any one wing.

Otherwise, the Abbasids are not very unique over the rest of the factions. They gain access to two unique units, a camel archer and a camel rider. They can be upgraded to weaken enemy cavalry and strengthen friendly infantry. In general, they will become much faster than regular cavalrymen.

Compared to other civilizations, the remaining abilities and buffs are not that effective. There are some bonuses for siege warfare. Infantrymen can craft siege weapons without the need for upgrades. The Abbasids can initiate several levels of the Golden Age by building buildings in close proximity to the House of Wisdom. When they are triggered, the speed of resource collection and production increases, and the research time decreases.

The Abbasids have the same bonus as the Sultanate of Delhi. It is associated with the collection of food from the bushes (and the ban on hunting wild boar). The presence of an identical bonus is due to the same religion – the Islamic religion. If you build a mill next to berry bushes, they will turn into orchards. The yield will increase. Another great bonus is that Abbasid docks are 50% cheaper. However, this bonus is effective only if there are water bodies on the game map.

The Abbasids are especially vulnerable in multiplayer games. Although the House of Wisdom will be much more effective with the increase in the number of wings, this faction has only one attraction that must be destroyed in order to defeat it.

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