Guide to Russia in Age of Empires 4

Analysis of all the unique features, abilities, units and sights of Russia

Although Russia is considered far from the most difficult civilization in Age of Empires 4, it has more unique content than most of the starting factions. Its own point of extraction of resources, its own version of the outpost, and this, not to mention three special units that are inaccessible to any other races.

The cornerstone of the Russian economy is the hunting lodge. It replaces the mill as it is used to mine food, but it also generates gold based on the number of nearby trees. This stat will decrease if you build hunter huts too close to each other. Also in this building you can hire scouts and develop technologies aimed at improving food production.

In addition, there is another defense-oriented civilization in front of you. Perhaps even more so than the British, as they have access to more powerful palisades and gates. Also, the Russians have bonuses focused on the naval forces. For example, one of the unique units is a battleship. And fishing boats don’t have to dump food at the docks. Let’s take a closer look at their abilities.

Civilization with forest land

Outposts / outposts have been replaced with wooden fortresses. Wooden walls and gates are much stronger than ordinary ones. Sawmills located in the outpost’s zone of influence produce 20% more wood (every time the villagers bring firewood), however, make sure you do not mine wood where the hunting huts are located. The compromise is that in the later stages of the game, Russia cannot use stone structures, so at these stages you will be vulnerable to siege weapons.


Scouts have an increased throughput, and while hunting for wild animals, Rus receive additional gold. Moreover, the amount of this gold depends on the quality / rarity of the animals themselves. After collecting enough trophies, you can unlock additional buffs for the faction, such as increased speed of obtaining food and gold.

Unique units of Russia

Already in the feudal era (second era), Russia gains access to the first knights. Unique units include:

  • Units using gunpowder to fire weapons. Gain bonus damage while stationary, but are also strong on melee attacks.
  • Warrior monk. An enhanced version of monks who become riders and empower nearby units, providing them with additional armor and damage.
  • Ships (rooks). Can be converted to any type of ship, increasing the flexibility of the navy.
  • In addition, cavalry units can be enhanced with unique technologies that make them significantly stronger than other civilizations.


Note that the epoch in parentheses tells you what time frame you can go if you build this landmark.

  • The Kremlin (second era) is a defensive attraction. Acts like a wooden fortress, but has improved stone fortifications.
  • The Golden Gate (second era) is an economic landmark. It acts like a market in the sense that you can exchange resources here, but at the most favorable rate.
  • Tall trading house (third era) – economic landmark. Generates gold similar to a hunter’s hut, but with increased efficiency (+ 200%). Every 60 seconds can generate a deer.
  • Trinity Abbey (third era) – a religious landmark. Acts like a monastery. Produces monk warriors for half the cost and unlocks access to unique technologies.
  • The Spasskaya Tower (fourth era) is a defensive attraction. Acts like a fortress, but has an increased safety margin. All firing points are immediately unlocked.
  • The Supreme Armory (fourth era) is a military landmark. Contains unique siege technologies. Any nearby siege workshop gets a 20% discount on crafting siege weapons.

In the early stages of the game, the Russians gain significant economic and defensive advantages, but at a later stage it can be difficult for them to compete with other races, since opponents will have access to better defenses and more powerful units.

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