Grilled cuisine

Grilled cooking is perhaps the oldest way of cooking that humans discovered since they only had to put food on the coals. When the flaming flames disappear, embers or embers appear that form an incandescent bed on which any type of food can be cooked


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  • 1 Features
  • 2 Advantages of cooking on the grill
  • 3 Utensils suitable for grilling
  • 4 Some aspects to consider when cooking on the grill
  • 5 Grilling cooking time
  • 6 Sources


  • It is a cooking method or technique that consists of roasting on a metal grill placed on hot charcoal.
  • This requires it to be done outdoors in order for carbon monoxide emanating from the carbon to be dispersed.
  • When grilling food on the grill, thanks to the smoke, they acquire a peculiar and delicious aroma.
  • This technique is used to prepare different types of food. It can be beef or pork, sausages, poultry, vegetables, among others

Advantages of grilling

  • By cooking outdoors we can keep the kitchen clean in addition to maintaining a pleasant and relaxing environment around the person who is cooking.
  • The food we cook requires little preparation, the grill is already in charge of enhancing its flavor.
  • Whole vegetables retain their natural moisture when roasted over hot coals or in the ashes of a fireplace.
  • Potatoes or sweet potatoes are a good example of vegetables that can be roasted on the grill or between ashes.
  • Vegetables can be skewered to make them easier to turn.
  • To grill any chopped vegetables we only need a little salt and oil. It is therefore a type of cuisine that is easy to prepare, inexpensive and very healthy.
  • It can also be prepared if you want a more elaborate recipe such as stuffed mushrooms, as long as we choose a filling that requires little cooking.
  • The drink that should accompany a grilled meal should be light and simple. It is highly recommended if you do not want alcoholic beverages to choose an iced tea as it is very refreshing and aromatic, especially if you add lemon or lime slices and some fresh mint branches.

Utensils suitable for grilling

Depending on the weather, the fire can be done outdoors in a barbecue or in a fireplace. There are currently many barbecue models on the market. Said barbecue can be fueled by firewood or charcoal. In general it is made up of a container where the embers will be and a grid that can be placed at different heights as it suits us. It is advisable to use long tweezers to avoid burning. If we want to use wooden chopsticks for the skewers, remember to soak them in water before inserting the food and putting them on the grill.

Some aspects to consider when cooking on the grill

  • We must bear in mind to place the barbecue on a firm and level surface so that once the fire is lit it cannot tip over.
  • It is necessary to keep it away from hedges, trees or any other object that could catch fire. Ideally, place it in areas protected from drafts.
  • To light it, it is preferable to use paper or small branches instead of the widely spread flammable pills or liquids.
  • If we use charcoal, it must have a uniform color to start roasting the food, remember that while it gives off sparks the fire will not be ready to cook on the grill.
  • To avoid burning the food, it should be roasted slowly, for this we will put the grill at a certain height. When bigger is the ingredient that we are going to roast further we must put it from the fire otherwise it could burn on the outside and be raw on the inside.
  • To enhance the flavor of food cooked on the coals we can throw aromatic herbs such as thyme or rosemary on them.

Grilling cooking time

The time necessary to cook on the grill will obviously depend on the size and thickness of the piece that we are going to cook, making it very easy to check when it is at the right point of cooking. When we prick the ingredient lightly with the tip of a knife we ​​will know if it is sufficiently cooked or to our liking.


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