Kitchen . It is the place where food is prepared in the home, restaurant or place determined to consume food . It is also used as a synonym for oven , which is mainly known as metal with stoves and various compartments through which heat is transmitted, it can work with gas , electricity or coal . It also refers to the culinary art of each country , region or cook.


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Other meanings

  • and intr. Prepare or cook food so you can eat it:

his mother cooks in a wood oven.

  • Plot, plot something secretly:

They are cooking something, but I don’t know what it is.

  • Set of dishes that a certain person cooks or that are typical of a place: Mediterranean cuisine has a reputation for being very healthy.
  • Cooked legumes and seeds stew .


  • Cooking: Stewing , preparing food on the fire. Season, season, season, season.
  • Cook: Person who prepares meals.
  • Stove , hearth, oven, infernillo.
  • Gastronomy , culinary art, cisoria art.

Cuban cuisine

Since its origins, Cuban cuisine has been the result of the confluence of the factors that allowed the formation of nationality in the 19th century : the mixture of Spanish, Aboriginal, and African customs, and the subsequent influence of Asian and Yucatecan immigration. .

The national dish is the ajiaco criollo, a set of viands, vegetables and meats of various types cooked together that varies due to the diversity of the ingredients used in its preparation. The most typical Cuban dishes are, in addition to the ajiaco and the combinations of rice with different ingredients, roasted or fried pork, tostones or chatinos (crushed and fried pieces of green banana), pork rinds and minced meat. beef.

The Cuban food is a combination of African , Spanish and indigenous. The Spanish brought legumes , rice , oranges , lemons and cattle to the island’s diet . The Africans incorporated foods such as yam -a type of tuber-, to which those existing on the island were added, such as cassava , okra , sweet potato or sweet potato and corn. All these elements merged over time into what we now call Cuban cuisine. Currently, the base products in the preparation of their dishes are rice, beans, cassava, corn, bananas and pork , as well as a rich variety of tropical fruits.

The typical Cuban dish is ajiaco , a soup of viands and meat. Veal and pork are the most popular meats; it is traditional to cook the pork with the spike, roasted in the whole oven, gutted and shaved.

Among the alcoholic beverages are rum and beer , although in bars the star is the daiquiri , a drink made from dry white rum , lemon juice, sugar and crushed ice.

Cuban cuisine has been declared as Intangible Heritage of the World.


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