Gratin is a culinary technique applied to foods generally cooked in the oven. The technique consists of exposing the outer layer of the food to an intense source of heat in order to make it crisp and golden.

The purpose of the gratin is to make an external layer that protects and keeps cooked food in its aromas.


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Gratinar comes from the French word gratter, which means to scratch or scratch, due to the fact that the cheese or bread is grated to make the gratin or due to the fact of scratching to remove the scab from the gratin. The French cuisine is the Gratin dauphinois the most traditional dish made with a gratin, is a specialty of the Dauphiné region, which we know as potatoes to the potato gratin rolled with cream or crème fraîche , cheese , garlic , pepper , salt and of course cheese.

Cooking method

Technique that is generally done in the oven, although there are also specific kitchen utensils such as the salamander, and in certain cases even the kitchen torch is used. What it is about is providing heat to the top of the prepared dish to create a crispy golden crust, which in turn protects the interior of the preparation, with its juiciness and condensed aromas .

Gratin Applications

Both in sweet and savory dishes. You can gratin a meat so that its crust preserves the juices, we can gratin a bechamel, a hollandaise sauce, a mousselina that cover meats, fish, vegetables or pasta. Add a wide variety of cheeses, which together with the breadcrumbs will provide an even crispier crust.


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