Gomashio . It is a condiment very similar to furikake, it is made with sesame seeds and sea salt . Sometimes it is spread on rice or onigiri. Many people call him “the king of macrobiotic food.”


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  • 1 Origin
  • 2 Characteristics of the Gomashio
  • 3 Elaboration
  • 4 Important Notes
  • 5 Sources


The gomashio is native to Japan , having a widespread use there. In Korea it is also used and they call it Ggaessogum.

Characteristics of the Gomashio

  • It is ideal for any dish of rice, vegetables or pasta .
  • Containing sesame it is very rich in Calcium .
  • The sesame seeds make the gomashio dark in color, as these are roasted before being mixed with the salt crystals.
  • The proportion of salt and sesame can vary according to the flavor you want to achieve and the diet of each individual.
  • Sesame oil dissolves salt crystals, which enables better absorption by the human body.
  • It can be made at home or purchased in sealed glass or plastic containers .


  1. Put the sea salt in a pan over medium-low heat. 2. Toast for three or four minutes while continuing to stir. 3. Grind the salt into powder. 4. Toast the previously washed sesame over low heat until it gives off the smell of nuts and the seeds begin to crack. 5. Grind the sesame together with the sea salt. 6. Once it cools, it is stored in a glass container.

Important notes

  • The proper use of condiments and dressings is an important aspect of a healthy and balanced diet. They enhance the taste of food, aid digestion, improve the aesthetic appearance of food, and even more so many of them have remarkable therapeutic qualities.
  • In culinary and oriental medicine, it is considered that all dishes, simple as they may be, must contemplate the five basic flavors: sweet, salty, spicy, acidic and bitter. According to the ancient Chinese theory of the 5 transformations, each of these flavors tones and stimulates a vital organ. If the amount of flavor is excessive or of poor quality then the opposite effect occurs, it damages the organ instead of nourishing it. So there must be a good balance of these 5 flavors on the plate, thus achieving a much tastier, aesthetically more harmonious and satisfying menu.


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