Graphics card fan does not Spinning: main solutions

There are several solutions for fans that don’t spin on startup or stop mid-procedure. GPU fans are not spinning for a variety of reasons . Graphics card fans don’t start up like the CPU fan does, so make sure this isn’t it (however, on laptops, GPU and CPU share the same cooling system) .

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  • possible causes
  • Graphics card fan does not turn: main solutions
    • Reboot PC
    • PCIe Power Connector
    • Clean fans and heatsinks
    • Update drivers
    • Buy a more powerful power supply
    • Doesn’t any of the above work?

possible causes

Some of the possible causes of GPU fans not spinning as they should are:

  • The GPU cooling system is idlebecause no graphics-intensive task is running, so it is not getting hot enough. This is completely normal, and does not imply that anything is wrong with your system. That is, when it comes to a graphics card with Semi-Fanless technology or a similar system.
  • Poor connection of the 6 to 8 pin connectorsfrom the graphics card to the power supply. Sometimes it may happen that they are inserted incorrectly or they are not making the contact as they should. This is causing that they are not feeding properly and that is why it does not work.
  • Insufficient power supplypower to power the graphics card you have installed. You should have better calculated the power levels demanded and the capacity of the PSU.
  • GPU fan bearingissues . With time and dirt they tend to deteriorate and reduce the ability to turn. It is possible that they have reached the end of their useful life and that is why they are detained.
  • Simply due to dirt, due to poor maintenance , which is clogging the blades and preventing them from turning. See if you have dirt that is causing said problem.
  • GPU driversare faulty or not updated to the latest version. This may seem strange, but it can also be the cause of this problem. Keep in mind that drivers serve as an interface between the operating system and the hardware, so they can cause hardware malfunctions.
  • It is a fanless GPU, like some low-end GPUs that do not need fans to cool down, only heatsinks. And this may be confusing to you if you’re not hearing the sound of the fans, but… there just aren’t!

Remember that if your GPU fans are not spinning, it can lead to overheating and damage to your graphics processing chip or VRAM. Therefore, these symptoms must be addressed before a major problem occurs.

Do not attempt to disassemble or grease the GPU fan bearings. These bearings usually come encapsulated, and don’t need any of that, as you could end up breaking them entirely.

Graphics card fan does not turn: main solutions

To troubleshoot if your GPU fans are not spinning, you should do the following:

Reboot PC

Sometimes restarting the PC is a simple solution for almost everything. In some cases, just doing this has resolved the issue, so this is the first thing you should try to try.

PCIe Power Connector

Check that the PCIe power connector of your motherboard is well connected, in addition to that it does not have dirt that could be causing a bad contact, and even that it is supplying the adequate voltage using a multimeter to measure. If it’s a modular power supply, note that it’s also well connected to the other end, the PSU end.

Clean fans and heatsinks

You should also clean the fans and heatsinks to see if it is the dirt itself that is making it difficult for the fan to turn or if there is a blockage. This can be done with a vacuum cleaner specifically for these tasks or with the help of a brush to remove lint and dust accumulated on the blades and slots of the heatsink.

Update drivers

You should also make sure that you have the proper GPU drivers for your make and model and also that they are updated to the latest version as all of these can lead to issues on the hardware side.

Buy a more powerful power supply

Another possible solution, if none of the above has worked for you and the graphics card works properly on other computers, is to buy a higher power power supply, since it is likely that it has been overwhelmed and is not supplying what is really demanded. .

Doesn’t any of the above work?

If none of these work, it is more than likely that the problem is in the graphics card itself, either in the system that supplies electricity to the fans, in the fans themselves that have reached the end of their useful life, or in another of the components involved. In this case, you should consider replacing your graphics card cooling or, in more extreme cases, swapping your graphics card for another.

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Now you know a little more about what are the possible causes of your GPU fan not turning and some solutions that frequently solve the problem. I hope it helped you, don’t forget to comment…


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