WD Green vs Blue: What are the differences between both HDDs?

Western Digital (WD) has several ranges of hard drives to meet different needs. It is important to know them to determine if it is the hard drive that best suits what is going to be used or not. And, to make it easy, it has color coded them, similar to how CPUs are categorized by SKU . Therefore, if you are wondering what is the difference between WD Green vs Blue , among others, here we explain it to you.

Types by colors of WD hard drives

The colors by which WD designates its hard drives are:

  • Green: they are the cheapest and most ecological of the entire range, since they are designed for this. Their energy consumption is very low, so they will leave less carbon footprint. However, they are not suitable for those looking for great performance, but can be a good option to use as a secondary drive.
  • Blue: is the middle range that is valid for almost everything. It was created for laptops, although it can also be used for desktop PCs. They are characterized by having a slightly higher performance than the Green ones, although they also consume more and their cost is higher.
  • Black:they are the black legs, designed to achieve high performance, being faster and with more buffer than the previous ones. However, life expectancy is often lower due to wear and tear from being so “accelerated”. In addition, they are noisier and consume more energy. Of course, they are more expensive than the previous ones.
  • Network: These are hard drives specially designed for use in NAS or home servers , that is, for use on a network. Their performance is similar to a Blue, but they have a much higher life expectancy, since they are designed to be working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, they have low consumption, and are silent.
  • Purple– Purples are designed for video and camera surveillance systems. These systems also work 24-7, but with the difference with the Red ones in that they are optimized to handle large files, such as videos captured by cameras. In addition, its firmware has an algorithm capable of correcting errors in the video.
  • Gold– These are intended for data centers and enterprise environments. They stand out for their high reliability and durability, as well as having high bandwidth and high workload capabilities. They also have excellent performance and error correction systems, but they are the most expensive.

Conclusion about WD Green vs Blue

The big difference between the Green and the Blue , apart from the price, is that the Blue is intended for daily use, as a primary storage unit, while the Green is intended for higher capacities, and use as a secondary storage unit. storage given its performance.


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