Graphic materials for tourism: seize the opportunity!

Graphic materials for tourism are a good investment opportunity for graphic producers. After all, they can be customizable and, with minor adaptations, cover the demands of a company, dealing with tours, transport, places to visit, among others.

Folders, pamphlets, banners, posters: all are useful examples of graphic materials for the tourism industry. And with the best tips and a great visual presentation, these items can be very convenient to boost sales with your customers.

Want to know some tips on how to sell the best graphic materials? So continue reading this post, and delight your customers with amazing materials!

Choose good photographs to use in graphic materials for tourism

It must be kept in mind that in any type of graphic material the visual is one of the most important factors to attract attention and has great responsibility for attracting customers. So it is very relevant to choose good photographs to compose the layout. Possibly customers will be attracted first by them, and then by the rest of the information, such as prices and means of transport.

Invest in   good resolution photos , taken by professionals. Preferably in a good size in the layout so that the details can be well visualized. Poor quality photos may give a negative impression to the viewer.

Invest in materials that awaken emotional experiences

The tourism sector involves a very evident emotional charge. The main objective should be to provide well-being to people looking for related services, for example, hotel services.

Customers need to see the establishment in a close way, identifying with the proposal and making a direct connection with their lifestyle or with what they expect from their moments of pleasure and rest. Some support materials are worth the investment for just that.

For example, if the first impression is what remains, how about starting by having business cards better presented? A business card can mean, among many positive things, a synonym for quality. Folders are also excellent for strengthening the business image. They are informative tools that arouse customers’ curiosity about the company approached and what it offers in the market.

How about a treat for customers? A personalized paper pad leaves the mark with easy identification, in addition to being a useful element for people’s daily lives.

Set the correct weight and finish

The choice of paper is very important for any type of print, so defining the  weight  is one of the main points in the execution of  graphic materials . If the printout needs more rigidity, it is recommended to use a minimum weight of 150 g / m².

It is also worth choosing between matte or glossier paper, such as glossy couché. For folders, for example, the most commonly used is matte coated, but the choice may also depend on the destination and the company that will use the material.

Good finishes are also important, because they guarantee the graphic materials a greater sophistication, a specific highlight. You can choose the  special varnish application  for some photos, for example.

Understand the importance of choosing colors

The good use of colors is essential in any graphic material. They help to awaken different feelings in those who have contact with print, so it is very important to choose them carefully.

First of all, everything must be related to the identity of the tourism company, even though destinations and leisure options open up to the use of different colors. For example, if the material indicates an exclusive, luxurious opportunity, you can invest in shades of black, gold or silver, which convey sophistication.

If the place refers to summer and the beach environment, like the resorts, it can be wonderful to pay homage to the sun and the heat, with the use of warm colors, such as orange and yellow, in its layout. But, if it is a high season destination in winter, it is worth highlighting the nice cold weather with the cool colors. In that case, abuse the shades of blue and white.

The earthy and green tones indicate spaces and attractions more connected to nature. A great option for farm hotels, for example.

Observe the structure and style of the texts in the graphic materials

The style and structure of the  texts  of any graphic material must be in accordance with the type of print in question. Especially because you can’t put the same text on a business card or a poster and in a folder. Each model and format requires a different structure so that communication reaches the public in the best way.

A folder, for example, needs an attractive and beautiful cover, possibly with a short call, so that the internal spaces of the material present the content that details the business and highlights its differentials. So much text doesn’t look good on a poster or in a small pamphlet. In this case, it is best to work on a good call that attracts and draws attention to other information.

It is important to be creative and enjoy positive and cheerful phrases. The material should encourage people’s willingness to undertake tourism activities, such as trips and tours.

Know your target audience well

For the materials to reach the objectives for which they are proposed, they must communicate the message very well and dialogue with the public, right? So it is essential to know who the material will be directed to. That’s because the younger audience demands a different language than the one that will be used for a senior audience.

It is necessary to have information about the interests of the public you want to reach, also about where the material will be served so that it can have a good impact. Otherwise, your work may go down the drain!

All of these materials can very well be offered in the most different spaces. But, mainly, in tourism agencies, hotels, inns, hostels, tourist attractions, car rental or transportation companies and other establishments that in some way are related to tourism in your region.

What graphic materials to offer?

1. Folders

The  brochures  are printed graphic materials that have folds. They serve to disseminate advertising or informational content about the hotel, inn and etc. They can be used to demonstrate the business accommodations and laser areas with beautiful images.

In addition, they can offer more information about the hotel, such as its units, options for city tours, among other information that help the consumer to understand the benefits of the place.

2. Flyers

This is considered a simplified, fold-free version of a folder. It is indicated to pass little information, due to the reduced space – normally, its size varies between 10 × 15 cm and 15x20cm.

For hotels and inns, this is a smart option to spread the news inside the establishment and in the bars – or to leave it as disclosure in partners, attracting new customers with stay offers.

3. Posters and posters

Other types of graphic materials for the tourism area are  posters and posters.  Great to draw attention to the establishment and win new customers, they must be made with quality images, attractive and with interesting messages, such as promotions of the day.

4. Business card

Business cards are graphic materials for the tourism area that cannot be missed at the reception and entrance of the establishment.

Customers may be interested in the restaurant’s services or want to do business with the company – through it you can receive, for example, offers from suppliers and partnerships. For this type of relationship, it is best to have a business card with management contacts.

5. Ventarolas

If the place of the establishment is hot, there is an excellent material to sell. The light bulb is an extremely useful accessory in the most diverse marketing actions, being able to be distributed in events, beaches, commercial establishments or, basically, anywhere when it is hot. With your company’s logo and visual identity printed, your brand will be publicized with great cost-benefit.

6. Do not disturb

Do not disturb is one of the graphic materials for the tourism area most used by the hotel chain. It is a communication material used on the bedroom door to signal the ideal time for cleaning the environment. Who determines this moment is the guest who used the do not disturb on the knob outside the room, indicating whether it is available or not for cleaning.

These graphic materials will help in your communication, promotion and purchase incentive strategy. Remember that the ideal is to always think about the company’s visual identity.

Therefore, customization should be done following the same pattern. Also, be careful with excess material in the restaurant as, instead of helping, it can disrupt the customers’ experience.

In other words, the space to grow exists and is worth taking advantage of. What are you waiting to invest in graphic materials for tourism? Dive into this opportunity and sell more!

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