Graphic prints for psychologists: what materials to offer?

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Did you know that one of the most efficient ways to convey a company’s credibility is through a well-designed graphic stationery? Having quality graphic material is one of the questions that can lead consumers to be enchanted or not by your company.

It is important to remember that to create a well-made graphic stationery it is important that you follow the same visual pattern in all graphic pieces. The tip here is to maintain harmony and balance in the distribution of all information.

Before we discuss what are the possible graphic products for psychologists, let’s leave a basic tip that will serve for the preparation of all materials.

When creating graphic pieces do not forget to consider information such as:

  • Name of the professional;
  • Professional’s specialty;
  • Registration number in the council that represents you;
  • Logo on the header or footer;
  • Clinic address, telephone, e-mail and website;

With that in mind, it will be easy to maintain aesthetics and standardization for all parts.

8 graphic products for psychologists

1. Letterhead

Any type of written communication that concerns a certain business always comes in the form of a letter, with the company’s own letterhead at the top. It is what we call letterhead. This is a type of material widely used by clinics and psychology offices, as it is there that the professional will print prescriptions, referrals and medical prescriptions.

As in any office, in addition to use with patients, the psychologist also uses this type of form for issuing contracts, documents and letters.

Offset paper between 75 and 90 g / m² weights is recommended for printing letterhead paper . The standard format for this material is 21 × 29.7 cm or popularly known as A4.

2. Medical certificates and time declarations

It is not always possible to reconcile a medical appointment with free time. We almost always have to leave, time from work, time to study, to attend a medical appointment. And it is at this time, where we need to prove such an absence, that attestations or declarations of attendance enter, one of the most used graphic products for psychologists.

The difference of these materials is only in the purpose. Normally, the certificate will indicate the period in which the patient should be away, while the hour statement serves only to confirm that the patient was on the day, place and time indicated.

The format of both materials is usually between 15 × 20 cm and 20x30cm, being more common in the first option.

Like notebooks, these materials are usually printed on 75g / m² offset paper and are sold in blocks of 100 sheets each.

3. Recipes

Widely used by several health professionals, one of the most used graphic products for psychologists are medical prescriptions .

It is a small block, usually in the 15 × 20 cm format, where the professional will write down and prescribe the medications and recommendations that the patient should carry out.

A very important tip is to distribute the elements in the header and footer and leave the entire central area free so that the professional can prescribe the medication.

One option to further customize the material is to add a very subtle watermark in the center of the printout. The caution here is only so that it does not impair the reading of the information.

4. Business card

The business card is an essential product and, often, the company’s first contact material with the customer. Like other graphic materials, the image of this item must correspond to the values ​​that the business intends to transmit to the public.

This material can be printed on the most varied types of paper, from the most basic to the most sophisticated. If your client is from the profile that seeks differentiation, a good suggestion would be the printing of business cards with Hot Stamping finishing .

Hot Stamping is a special printing method, widely used in small details such as logos, phrases or small texts. It produces a metallic effect leaving the work with an air of refinement and sophistication. There is the type of finish that does not go unnoticed.

Its printing process does not use ink, its engraving is done through a strip of synthetic material, coated with a metallic layer, which when positioned in cliché can transfer the finish to the printed form.

The KWG Graphics offers two color options, gold and silver, both in the two-sided option. For this type of work it is necessary to choose more resistant papers with a minimum weight of 250gm².

This is the type of finish that you need to check with your own eyes, and for that we provide the video on Hot Stampingon our YouTube channel. Check out!

5. Table calendar

Widely used both for scheduling appointments and for personal organization of the psychologist, calendars are excellent materials for internal and external distribution of the clinic.

It has high demand on dates close to the end of the year and use throughout the year. As it is a product that can be sold as a gift, most professionals who own clinics buy and distribute it to customers. And there is an excellent opportunity to sell this material.

The personalized calendars can be printed in various formats and finishes, such as:

  • Simple desk calendar
  • Desk calendar w / pen holder
  • Wire-O finished desk calendar
  • Wallet Calendars
  • Wall Calendars

Normally table calendars have predefined formats of 10 × 15 cm or 10 × 20 cm. Wall calendars, on the other hand, can be found in different formats, but the most common is 20 × 30 cm.

However, it is important to note that these formats are those found by default in the market, however if you have a differentiated project the ideal is to talk to your printing partner and check the possibility of developing a customized project.

Finally, regardless of the format, the important thing is to perfect the layout following the creative line of the other pieces.

6. Folders

A large part of the office work involves visits and meetings, ideal moments for the dissemination of brands with professionalism. So, believe me: your customers will really like this graphic option.

With different formats, the pastes can be produced on different substrates and coatings, however, by default, we find three models of personalized pastes, namely:

  • Folder with ear
  • Folder with bag
  • Folder without ear and without bag

To ensure that documents do not crease inside the folder, the ideal is to opt for a more rigid weight, such as coated paper 300g / m. Combining with a matte lamination coating, it finishes the perfect finish for this type of print.

7. Notebooks

The corporate notebooks are items that can be used in various ways, and, being personalized, the will to use it increases.

When researching psychologists, it is very common to see the figure of the professional being portrayed through images where he appears making notes in a notebook or notebook during a patient’s consultation.

And these images could not better portray the routine of a psychologist in attendance. Corporate notebooks are widely used by psychologists to make specific notes about each patient.

By default, we find three corporate notebook models, namely:

  • University Notebook – 20 × 27.5 cm
  • Corporate / Executive notebook – 18 × 25 cm
  • Notebook – 15 × 20 cm

8. Note pad

In addition to being very functional, notebooks are part of the corporate stationery of almost all companies. This is a beautiful example of graphic products for psychologists. They are used for quick notes throughout the day, as well as for carrying out essential service and organization activities.

They are also usually a free gift option and are therefore incredible marketing tools. Therefore, they need to be well designed so that they convey all the information that the company wants to present in a cohesive way. Again, here comes your opportunity to offer this material to psychology clinics.

The most common formats are 10 × 15 cm and 15 × 20 cm and the most used substrates are 75g / m² offset paper. They are usually sold in blocks of 100 sheets each.

In this article, we saw tips from some graphic products for psychologists who are most used. From now on, if your client orders the printing of a business card, you can offer several products to complete the stationery items of the entire office. For, as Steve Jobs said, “People don’t know what they want until we show them.”

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