God’s 3 promises to Abraham

Abraham was faithful to God and was therefore very blessed. But the greatest blessings were the promises that God made to Abraham. The Bible shows how God kept these promises:

1. Many descendants

Abraham and Sarah were very old and could not have children but God promised that they would still have a child. This son would have many descendants, who would become a great nation ( Genesis 15: 4-5 ). When Abraham was 100 years old, Sarah gave birth to Isaac. Isaac’s descendants became the nation of Israel , which still exists today and is very numerous.

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In addition to natural descendants, Abraham also has many spiritual descendants . All who believe in Jesus are children of Abraham, because Abraham was saved by believing in God ( Romans 4: 16-17 ). For this reason, Abraham is known as the “father of faith”.

2. A land to live in

God promised Abraham that his descendants would inherit the land where he lived as a foreigner ( Genesis 15: 18-21 ). Abraham lived the rest of his life in tents, but 400 years later, the Israelites conquered the territory of Canaan, which became the country of Israel .

Abraham did not just receive a physical inheritance. He also received an eternal inheritance ( Matthew 8:11 ). Heaven is the true home of Abraham and of all who believe in Jesus!

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3. A blessing for all peoples

This was the greatest promise that God made to Abraham – to be a blessing to all peoples ( Genesis 12: 2-3 ). Through Abraham’s descendants, God revealed His plan to save the world. Jesus, the savior of the world, was a descendant of Abraham. He came to save all people from sin. His death and resurrection bless people all over the world today!

Abraham did not see the fulfillment of these three promises but he believed in God. He has already been blessed to know these promises and to know that God would keep them ( John 8:56 ). God’s promises to Abraham were not just a blessing for him, they are a blessing for all of us!

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