Who was Peter in the Bible?

Peter was one of the 12 apostles, who often served as a spokesman for the disciples. He was one of Jesus’ closest disciples and was one of the great leaders of the early church. Peter wrote two letters, which are in the Bible (1 and 2 Peter).

Peter, disciple of Jesus

Pedro, also called Simão, was a fisherman who had a small business in partnership with his brother André and two friends, Tiago and João. André introduced Pedro to Jesus and, later, when Jesus called him, Pedro left everything to be his disciple ( Luke 5: 9-11 ). Jesus chose Peter to be one of his 12 apostles, who received special training to be leaders.

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Pedro stood out among the disciples for being bold and saying what everyone was thinking. He was impulsive, did everything with enthusiasm and loved Jesus fiercely. Pedro had the personality of a leader but was not yet mature.

Peter was one of Jesus’ closest disciples and attended special events, which not all the apostles saw. Along with James and John, Peter saw the transfiguration of Jesus and the resurrection of Jairus’ daughter ( Mark 9: 2 ). Peter was more than a student, he was a friend of Jesus.

Peter recognized that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God, but he did not understand that Jesus had to die and wanted to protect him at all costs ( Matthew 16: 15-17 ). He was ready to die to defend Jesus and even tried to save Jesus when he was arrested. But Jesus prevented Peter from following the path of violence ( John 18: 10-11 ).

When Jesus was arrested, Peter lost his courage and denied Jesus three times . His heart was sincere but at that moment he stumbled. Soon Peter repented of his words and was very sad ( Luke 22: 60-62 ).

Peter, leader of the church

When Jesus was resurrected, Peter was the first to enter the empty tomb to see. Later, Jesus appeared on the beach and talked to Peter. Peter said three times that he loved Jesus and Jesus told him to care for his sheep ( John 21:17 ). From then on, Pedro was a different person.

On the day of Pentecost, when the disciples received the Holy Spirit, Peter preached the gospel and 3000 people were converted! From then on, Peter began to speak boldly about Jesus everywhere ( Acts 2: 37-39 ). God used his boldness and courage, along with the power of the Holy Spirit, to establish the church at its beginning.

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Even at the risk of dying, Pedro continued to preach. At first, he only preached to Jews but then God revealed to him that the gospel is for everyone. Peter had to learn to let go of prejudice and concern for the opinions of others ( Acts 10: 27-28 ).

Over time, Pedro matured and his most impulsive and violent features disappeared. Pedro was an example of courage but also of humility, recognizing and correcting his mistakes. God used Peter in a powerful way to bring the gospel to many people.

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