Goat cheese

Goat cheese. Also called chèvre (goat in French ) is a solid food made from the curd of goat’s milk.


It is an ancient food whose origins may be earlier than written history. Probably discovered in Central Asia or the Middle East , its manufacture spread to Europe .

Since the old civilizations, cheese has been stored for times of insufficiency and is considered a good food for transfers, being appreciated for its ease of transport, good preservation and high content of fat, protein, calcium and phosphorus. Cheese is lighter, more compact and keeps for longer than the milk from which it is obtained.

Cheese manufacturers can establish themselves near the center of a producing region and thus benefit from milk that is fresher, cheaper and with lower transport costs. Good product preservation allows manufacturers to sell only when prices are high or they need money. Some markets even pay more for old cheeses, just the opposite of what happens with milk production.

Goat lehe compound

Goat’s milk is a dairy product composed primarily of water. It has a low caloric intake due to the amount of carbohydrates and fats it contains. It provides very good quality proteins. As for vitamins and minerals, goat’s milk stands out in calcium and vitamin D , essential substances for bone formation that help prevent diseases such as osteoporosis. Also it contains a prominent contribution of vitamin B2 or riboflavin and vitamin A .

It is tastier than cow’s milk and somewhat sweeter. Because its flavor is stronger than that of cow’s milk, its acceptance is relatively less.

The fat in goat’s milk is more digestible than that of cow’s, because its fat globules or droplets are smaller and more easily attacked by digestive juices. This advantage makes it a good option for children, the elderly and people suffering from gastric disorders, such as heavy digestions and ulcers . In addition, the small size of the fat causes the globules to be suspended instead of floating to the surface and forming the cream. Therefore, goat milk does not need to be homogenized.

Goat milk contains very low levels of lactose , the own sugar in milk , so it can be very useful for people who are lactose intolerant.


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