Gnocchi: 15 recipes to prepare

How do you season the gnocchi, with butter and …? That’s enough! We vary on the theme with the 15 best gnocchi recipes, from the Italian tradition to the oriental rice dough.

It starts to get hot and soon you will have less desire to knead and eat gnocchi : for this reason we take advantage of it and we tempt you now with 15 recipes and ideas to vary from the usual potatoes-flour-butter and sage to season. You will find enthusiasm for this timeless dish, and you will discover that there are many solutions to make it even spring by using seasonal ingredients.

Small curiosity. Tradition wants gnocchi made strictly of potatoes and we get angry if these are not present in the dough, however the tubers appear only recently: before, the gnocchi were made simply with water and flour, in a base similar to roux. This is to say that, for gnocchi, everything is legal!

Let’s move on with our 15 gnocchi recipes , lots of color, flavor and watering await you.

Gnocchi with salmon, robiola and zucchini

Almost summery and to be enjoyed even at room temperature: the strong flavor of the salmon is sweetened by the courgettes, and everything is linked by savory robiola. Also add some grated lemon zest and you will fly away. If it inspires you, here’s the recipe .

Gnocchi with prawns

Small round dumplings, similar to goodies; fresh tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, scampi and very little else … these gnocchi are truly spectacular, and easier to make than you think. Aren’t they wonderful? Here is the recipe !

Semolina dumplings and beetroot

We warned that it would take a lot of imagination, and in this case they serve semolina and beetroot. The steps are few and you don’t need who knows what to serve this dish with a purple hue. Details, right? Here is our recipe .

Oriental rice dumplings

Rice dumplings, just like the ones at the Chinese restaurant we love so much? Here they are: oblong and clear, with that turgid and pleasantly chewy texture, lots of vegetables and a perfect dressing. What goodness, and how many flavors… here you will find the recipe .

Mushroom and potato dumplings

They make you want autumn again, don’t they? The beauty is that you won’t have to wait for that season to make these gnocchi: we use dried porcini mushrooms for the dough, an evergreen trick. Here is the recipe !

Gnocchi with artichoke cream

Perfect for spring, these gnocchi topped with an enveloping and delicate homemade artichoke cream. To give some color, a less soft texture and additional sweetness, the cooked ham. Try our recipe and let us tell you.

Gnocchi with nettles

This dish, gnocchi with nettles, is an echo of many years ago and generations ago, when nettles were plentifully harvested and always used in the kitchen when it was in season. A unique, nostalgic flavor, a cuddle. Here is the recipe .

Parisian dumplings

Eggs, flour, butter, gratin in the oven, mornay sauce or a sort of reinforced bechamel … a show, these Parisian gnocchi (even if some theories have their origins here in Italy!). Did you know this version? try our recipe .

Sorrentine gnocchi

We like to win easy: dumplings topped with lots of tomato and basil sauce and then baked with lots of stringy cheese… irresistible! Even more in our version !

Pumpkin and Potatoes Gnocchi

A classic, which never tires: here you will find the recipe for gnocchi with pumpkin and potatoes, for a lively result in color and flavor. You can follow our suggestions for the dressing, or vary according to your imagination: gorgonzola and walnuts, for example.

Ricotta gnocchi with asparagus and yellow cherry tomatoes

This is a recipe to show off for an occasion, it is so elegant and effective. The asparagus are cooked to perfection and the combination with yellow tomatoes gives it sweetness and creaminess. Here is our amazing recipe !

Four cheese dumplings

Also in this case we like to win easy: the gnocchi with four cheeses are perfect for a sgarro from the diet, or to be enjoyed with hungry friends before seeing a good movie together. We tempt you with the recipe .

gnocchi alla Romana

The gnocchi alla romana, made with semolina and cheese, have a truly unique and recognizable flavor among a thousand. They come in rows of thick discs, very soft at the heart – almost creamy – and very crunchy on the surface. Here is the recipe , one of our absolute favorites.

Polenta gnocchi with herbs

Simplicity in every sense, for these green gnocchi to be sautéed in the oven for an irresistible gratin. Imagine how wonderful it is to bake such a pan… here’s the recipe !

Turmeric dumplings

Yellow potatoes seasoned with a little turmeric, the Middle Eastern spice that is striking for its color and intensity of aroma and flavor. Thanks to her, the gnocchi come out beautifully bright and it will be easy to season them to enhance them. Very special, very intense. Here is the complete recipe .


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