How to get Zarude in Sword and Shield? The new unique Pokémon

Pokémon Sword and Shield already has its new Pokémon of singular category in this eighth generation, baptized as Zarude . The Pokémon Company has presented it on the occasion of Pokémon Day on February 27, 2020 since it will be nothing more and nothing less than the protagonist of the next film ‘Pokémon the Movie: Coco’ .

To further expand our complete guide to Pokemon Sword and Shield we have prepared the following information that you should have on hand if you are interested in knowing everything about Zarude . Next we will clarify how this Pokémon can be obtained , what are its data and characteristics and more.


How to get Zarude?

Let’s clarify this in advance, at the time of writing these lines the way we can get Zarude for our Galar Pokédex is still unknown . Currently the Pokémon has only been presented through a promotional video and a few details.

From the official website of Pokemon Sword and Shield we can read a crucial fact in the presentation of Zarude, it says like this: “This Pokemon cannot be found in the normal course of the game” . This phrase makes us think that Zarude will have some very specific method of obtaining it within the game. Perhaps through the Incursions Dinamax of the Wilderness Area , as so many other creatures of the eighth generation , or may otherwise.

What is a singular Pokémon?

Singular Pokémon have always been linked by tradition to limited-time events , some as rare as those from the Game Boy era in which we had to deliver our cartridge to Nintendo to obtain Mew or Celebi, to give a few examples. Among its hallmarks we find that:

  • It is not necessary to obtain it to complete the National Pokédex (except for Deoxys).
  • They cannot be exchanged through the GTS.
  • The use of these Pokémon is not allowed in combat venues, online competitions or video game championships.

Zarude is a new singular and, for now, we will have to wait for more information to be revealed. Don’t worry, as soon as we know how to get Zarude, we’ll be here to tell you .

Method to get Zarude in Japan

Although in the rest of the world it is still not clear how Zarude can be obtained, the latest news revealed by The Pokémon Company already confirms how this Pokémon can be obtained exclusively in Japan .

Zarude is part of the promotion for the upcoming Pokemon Coco movie , which will be released on July 10, 2020. Prior to that, starting April 17, 2020 , reservations will be opened for movie premiere tickets in theaters. from Japan. The company has reported that everyone who purchases one of these reserves will receive as a gift a code that can be entered into Pokémon Sword and Shield to unlock instant access to Zarude.

  • The Zarude code:will have a valid duration from June 15 to September 30, 2020.

In addition, the company is also going to give away a code to unlock a shiny Celebi in-game. On the other hand, in the Japanese magazine CoroCoro the data of this Zarude that can be obtained by code has been specified . They are as follows.

  • Level:
  • Attacks:Muzzle Hit, Whiplash, Wiggle, Scream.
  • Skill:Blade Defense.
  • Object:

Zarude Features

We know for sure the main characteristics of this new Pokémon. Let’s take a look.

“Zarude lives in herds, in the heart of the leafiest forests.”

  • Category:Pokémon Simiestro.
  • Type:Sinister and Plant.
  • Height:8 m.
  • Weight:0 kg.
  • Skill:Blade Defense.

Its name comes from the Japanese word saru (monkey) and the English word rude (rough, rude).

Use lianas to your advantage

Zarude is able to grow strong and flexible lianas from the nape of the neck, wrists and soles of the feet, which come as a ring to the finger in different situations. Among other things, it uses them to move by hanging on tree branches or to pick berries. These lianas also have healing properties . By wrapping a wound with them, it closes and heals.

A very hostile Pokémon

Live in herds in the heart of the lush forests. It is very hostile to anyone who does not belong to the pack and attacks them as soon as it detects them. For this reason, the rest of the Pokémon that inhabit the same forests are very afraid of it . When he fights, he moves with the help of trees and branches, and uses his sharp claws or whatever is at hand. He is very smart, which also helps him a lot in combat.



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