ALL upgrades to the Pokémon Master Dojo: Isle of Armor

The most important location on the entire Island of Armor , the first DLC of Pokemon Sword and Shield , is undoubtedly the Master Dojo run by the character of Mostaz and his wife Tania . Much of the history of this expansion runs through this building and we will often use it as our base of operations. The possibilities and options offered by the Dojo can be expanded to facilitate our adventure around the island, so in this section of our complete guide we will show you how to fully improve the Dojo.

How to unlock Dojo upgrades?


To visit the Mostaz Master Dojo you must travel to the Isle of Armor , only available if you have first purchased the Pokémon Sword and Shield expansion pass . The Dojo is located in the Prado Reverencia area , which is the first place you set foot when making the trip from the main Galar region.

Once you advance enough, having passed the three main tests of the Dojo and obtained the Pokémon Kubfu , you can talk to the character of Tania to start making a series of various improvements.

All the improvements of the Dojo and its prices

Upgrading the Dojo costs Watts , the special currency you get from Dinamax Raids and raid nests. Also on the Isle of Armor you can find Lord Pozuelo at the entrance to the Warming Grotto and if you give him fragments of Duralium he will dig for lots of watts for you.

Dojo upgrades have order and each will cost more than the last. You can talk to Tania whenever you want to give her the watt amounts she asks of you and instantly unlock the corresponding upgrade.

There are 14 improvements to the Dojo, if you want them all you will have to spend a total of 3,280,000 watts . They are as follows:

Price (watts) Type of improvement
5,000 Hairdressing service at the door.
5,000 A Rotomi PC, although it will be disabled.
10,000 The Rotomi PC will be activated with all available options.
10,000 Installation of a vending machine with Fresh Water.
10,000 Soft Drinks are added to the vending machine.
10,000 Lemonade is added to the vending machine.
50,000 Installation of a fridge containing 5 ingredients every day.
100,000 Protein and Iron are added to the vending machine.
100,000 Calcium and Zinc are added to the vending machine.
100,000 More PS and Fuel are added to the vending machine.
100,000 You unlock the Dojo Fund to customize your League Card.
300,000 You receive the Tania League Card.
200,000 You unlock the ability to fight Tania once a day.
2,280,000 You unlock the ride with Tania and Tania’s very rare League Card.

The Dojo vending machine also offers a special discount if you buy in quantities greater than one item.

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  • If you buy 5 items:20% discount.
  • If you buy 10 items:30% discount.
  • If you buy 25 items:50% discount.

What other functions are available in the Dojo?

In the Master Dojo you will also find other functions in addition to those that you can unlock thanks to the improvements with Tania. Some of them must be unlocked following some prerequisite, these are:

  • Door:from the first moment you can use it to rest and recover your Pokémon or to change your clothes.
  • The Cramobot :a recycling machine in which you can put 4 objects to receive another in exchange. It is activated by giving 500 watts to Idrán.
  • The Maxisopa : itis in the kitchen and can be prepared after passing the second test, as long as you have Maxotea .
  • Dojo Movement Tutor –Available when you pass the first test, you can teach your Pokémon exclusive moves in exchange for 5 Duralium Shards.
  • Pokemon Companion:Once you get Kubfu, you can enable or disable the option for your first Pokemon on the team to follow you around the island if you talk to a girl dressed as Pikachu in the Dojo kitchen.

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