How to get the Outriders Death Shield shotgun

There are many great weapons to unlock Outriders , and one of the best legendary weapons to get your hands on is the Outriders Death Shield shotgun. For those who want to devastate their opponents at close range, a legendary shotgun with a short reload time is an excellent choice. The only problem is, how do you get the Outriders Death Shield shotgun and where is its location? This is what you should do.

Outriders Death Shield Shotgun Unlock Guide

The Outriders Death Shield Shotgun is a mostly random drop at higher world levels, but the most likely way to get it is to use at least level 11 and take on the final boss.

The Death Shield is a legendary automatic shotgun that offers a base firepower of 27,928 and comes with the Fortress and Striga legendary weapon mods, giving you an additional 43% damage bonus (in addition to the already impressive levels of base damage) and allows critical damage to be returned to you as health. It’s an incredibly powerful short-range weapon and it’s easy to see why it’s so sought after.

Outriders Death Shield Shotgun Location: How To Get The Drop

Defeat Yagak’s final boss at world level 11 or higher, play through missions and expeditions, collect capsule resources to buy it.

While the best and easiest way to unlock Death Shield in Outriders is to defeat Yagak’s final boss at world level 11 or higher. It’s certainly not guaranteed, but it will likely go away once you’ve defeated it. Otherwise, keep playing through missions, expeditions, or collect Drop Pod resources to buy it (Scorch Lands is a good place), and hopefully you should get it at some point, along with some great pieces of legendary armor as well.

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