Genshin Impact – Solving the Water Pillar Puzzle on Broken Island

A guide with the correct solution to the puzzle on the Broken Island where the pillars of water are.

The location of the ponds and the correct water level in them

First of all, you must complete the quest ” Travel through the fog and wind “, which will lead you to the wall mural. Then you need to complete the quest “The Other Side of the Island and the Sea “, in which you need to find all the frescoes. In addition to them, on Broken Island you will find this image:

The picture shows you how to solve the water level puzzle. There are 5 such bodies of water on Broken Island, so you need to find all the ponds and properly adjust the water level in them:

  • Pond # 1:located next to the teleportation point. Stand twice on the left stone and lower the water to level 1.
  • Pond # 2:initially there is no water in this pool. You must destroy the blue “water crystal” in front of the pond, after which it will rain and fill the pond to level 3. There is nothing else to do here.
  • Pond # 3:Stand once on the right rock to raise the water to level 2.
  • Pond # 4:Stand once on the left rock to drain the water down to level 2.
  • Pond # 5:there is no water in this pool either. There is a destructible rock above the pool that prevents water from entering. Climb up and destroy the rock, and then step on the left rock twice to lower the water down to level 1.

Solve the musical stones puzzle

On the north bank, you will find five stones in the sand, and in front of them are five pillars. Activate the stones in this order to solve the puzzle.

If you have correctly set the water level, after you stand on the stone, a musical signal will be heard from the side of the reservoir. The markings on the pillars show the order in which you should click on the stones (marked in the screenshot). If you did everything right, a nice melody will sound, and then three chests will appear.

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