Broken Apple Watch: send it for repair or buy a new one?

Breaking an Apple Watch is very disappointing. Especially if you bought them recently. But reproaching yourself for being careless no longer makes sense. Let’s deal with the consequences.

Broke my Apple Watch . How is that? 

Broke my Apple Watch . How is that?

Apple Watch is one of the most popular smartwatches. With their help, you can monitor your health and control physical activity during training. And don’t miss an important notification, answer a call or message – this is very convenient when your smartphone is not at hand.   

At the same time, smart watches, like any watch in principle, are a rather vulnerable accessory. Unlike the iPhone , which is almost always equipped with cases and protective glass, watches are most often used in their original form. Many users simply do not want to hide their Apple Watch in bulky bumpers or cover it with films.  

Designers and engineers spent more than one year developing the case and display. The most durable materials were selected for them and tested under different conditions. But no matter how carefully you use your watch, breaking the screen on your Apple Watch is not that difficult. There is always a chance of hitting them against a wall or doorframe, especially if you don’t watch your movements. 

So what to do?

A broken Apple Watch is definitely a cause for sadness. But first, assess the scale of the disaster. If the damage occurred only on the frame and it did not go beyond a crack, you can try gluing a protective glass with black edges onto the Apple Watch screen. It will help mask the crack and protect the display from more serious impacts in the future. Just don’t forget that resistance to moisture and splashes may have suffered: washing your hands or going to the pool with a watch on your wrist is no longer worth it.  

If small chips, scratches and abrasions appear right in the center of the screen, don’t rush to despair either. You can hide these nuances with the help of revolutionary glasses from the South Korean brand WhiteStone . They are not like other products. The kit includes liquid optical transparent glue, which is evenly distributed over the surface of the screen and penetrates even deep scratches. Under the influence of an ultraviolet lamp, the polymer is baked, fixing the protective glass on top.  

WhiteStone Dome Glass will hide all the nuances, reliably protect the device and at the same time maintain high sensitivity to touch. You can buy a protective glass for Apple Watch in the iSpace store . The cost of the accessory is 34 AZN including the sticker service. Even if you wanted to glue the glass yourself, you wouldn’t be able to: this requires an ultraviolet lamp, which is not included in the kit.

If the watch screen is broken into pieces, you see spots or streaks, it may simply be unsafe to continue using such a device. Contact our service center to have specialists assess the condition of your Apple Watch  

Is it possible to change the glass on Apple Watch ? 

Apple Watch is a one-piece design in which individual components cannot be replaced. For this reason, Apple does not produce original parts for its smartwatches. By the way, there are no copies on the market either. 

If you crash your Apple Watch , you have several options.  

First. Be sad. Remember with a kind word the device that served you faithfully. And then buy a new Apple Watch at any iSpace store . 

Second. Contact the service center and place an order for a new watch to replace the broken one. Depending on the series, this may even be a little more profitable than purchasing new ones. However, it is important to note that in this case, replacement is only possible with exactly the same model that you previously had. In addition, the entire procedure can take a lot of time. 

It’s a shame, but it’s not possible to replace the glass on the Apple Watch separately .   

Our consultants will be happy to help you choose a new smartwatch model. But this time we recommend that you play it safe and protect the screen by gluing protective glass or film on it . This simple action will save your money, time and nerves. 

Take care of yourself, Apple Watch and other devices of your favorite brand.   

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