Genshin Impact: How To Earn Rewards By Inviting Friends To Join The Game

In Genshin Impact you can play perfectly alone, although the experience earns even more points if it is shared with other people. To encourage your friends to join this fantasy RPG, a new event called Adventurers, Assemble has been started , with which you will get rewards for inviting your friends , so we will explain how it works in this guide.


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How to earn rewards by inviting friends to join the game

The first thing to keep in mind is that the event in question that gives rise to these types of gifts will remain active until November 27 and requires that players have reached Adventure Rank 15 in order to participate in it.

If so, an option will appear to invite your friends to accompany you on the adventure. There will be an invitation code that you can share with anyone and that must be exchanged when creating a new account. Once used, both players will join , being able to consult the account of our friends to see how the progress of their characters is progressing.

The latter is due to the fact that the two users, both the one who sends the invitation and the one who receives it, will obtain a series of rewards depending on the adventure rank that the second of them reaches. Among the prizes to be obtained there will be Blackberry, Primogemas, Refinement Mineral and much more , as we will detail below:

Player sending the invitation

A player has used the invite code Blackberry x10,000
A player you’ve invited has reached Adventure Rank 15 Primogem x60
Two players you’ve invited have reached Adventure Rank 15 Primogem x60
Three players you’ve invited have reached Adventure Rank 15 Primogem x60

Player receiving the invitation

You have redeemed the invitation code ·                     Adventure Experience x10

·                     Mineral Refinement Ore x10

·                     Blackberry x10,000

You have reached Adventure Rank 5 3-Star Artifact – Medal of the Brave
You have reached Adventure Rank 10 3-Star Artifact – Prospect of the Brave
You have reached Adventure Rank 15 Hero’s Wit x10

All players with Adventure Rank 15 or higher will be able to use the same code with a maximum of ten different people , although new players will only be able to accept a single invite . Likewise, if they also reach Adventure Rank 15, they will have the ability to invite other adventurers by generating their own invitation code.


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