How to get the Windchaser event rewards in Genshin Impact

The time has come for Genshin Impact players to participate in a new temporary event to try to get a series of rewards in return. This is Windchaser and in the following guide that we have prepared we are going to tell you what you must do to get free Protogemas and many other prizes.

Windchaser event date and requirements

The new event started today, October 17, and you can participate in it until 03:59 (server time) on October 31. Additionally, you will need to have reached Adventure Rank 20 or higher . If this is your case, then you just have to keep reading to find out what tasks you will have to carry out.

How to get the Windchaser event rewards for free

To start, you must go to the indicated place of the event and participate in the challenge of the Stormy Zone , where you can explore five different domains. Once inside one of them, you will have to collect anemones and complete as many as possible of the Storm Zone Wind Follower Challenges.

In multiplayer mode you can invite another person to help you walk around the place, where you will meet different types of enemies that will also give you anemones if you defeat them.

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On the other hand, in the Storm Zone there are places that will not be so easy to access. You will need to use mechanisms and platforms that will be around, as well as use the wind currents that blow in specific directions . For example, you may find one of these three nodes:

  • Wind Dampening Node– Stops nearby wind currents temporarily.
  • Windblock Node– Generates wind currents oriented in specific directions.
  • Windblower Node– Increases the range of nearby wind currents temporarily.

Regarding the mysterious platforms , these are the ones that will be available throughout the Storm Zone and that will be affected by wind currents:

  • Descending Platform– It will descend slowly when you step on it.
  • Floating platform: affected by wind currents, it rises to a certain height.
  • Wind-skewing platform: affected by wind currents, it tilts in different directions


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