Fortnite: how to get the Ghost Rider skin for free

Very soon you will be able to win a Ghost Rider skin in Fortnite for free. Will it be easy to get it? Not at all, but that is a large part of the grace of the Ghost Rider Cup that will be held on November 4 in the Epic Games game.

How to get the Ghost Rider skin for free

To get the Ghost Rider skin for free we must participate in the Ghost Rider Cup that will begin on November 4. In it, teams from around the world will compete by region to get the skin, exclusively, before it lands in the store.


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The competition will be divided by regions and, depending on the position we obtain in each game, we will earn more or less points to move up the rankings.

The points range from 25 for the first to 1 point for the sixteenth, so if we want to win the free Ghost Rider skin, we will have to play our best to sneak into the following positions depending on each region:

  • Europe: 1 to 800
  • Eastern US: 1 to 500
  • Western US: 1 to 200
  • Brazil: from 1 to 200
  • Asia: from 1 to 100
  • Oceania: from 1 to 100
  • Middle East: 1 to 100

The competition will consist of different games to KO Marvel , a team duel in which the only weapons available are the different Marvel powers that have been appearing during the last season.


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